Sirius XM Promotion: Free "Best of Both" discount for Black Friday


Oct 15, 2008
source Sirius XM Promotion
this move makes sense to me hope
it works for the company

Sirius XM Radio Inc. will be launching a free "Best of Both" promotion starting on Black Friday and will join together its advertising efforts under a single unified strategy, according to TWICE.

The company will give customers three free months of "Best of Both" service with the purchase of any Sirius or XM aftermarket product.

The promotion sounds amazingly similar to a Sirius XM rebate offered back in October which offered a $50 discount, plus free 3-months of "Best of" service. It is unclear when the new promotion will end, but it said to begin on Black Friday.

Sirius XM will also drop the separate ads for XM and Sirius, and will shift its ad dollars heavily to radio advertising this season, said operations and sales president Jim Meyer in an interview with TWICE.

"If you go to a Best Buy or Circuit City beginning this week, Friday, for the holiday period, you'll see a common display with both brands displayed and a common merchandise strategy," said Meyer. "We think that goes a long way toward the elimination of confusion. A single pointed display and single pointed ads. Also, within the retail brochures, one promotion for both brands."

Meyer notes that this year will include more radio advertising and less television.

"We think changing it up was a good idea," said Meyer. "We're excited about [radio] because we think it is an efficient vehicle to get new