Sirius Quarterly Plan, was told to get Best of XM trial, I must wait


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Dec 13, 2008
So i wanted to get the best of XM on my SL2. I called Sirius and they said that in order to get the free trial I would have to wait until my plan is up and then renew with the Sirius Everything + Best of XM, or I would have to pay 26 dollars and my quarterly plan would start right now, but somehow I wouldn't lose any time?

Am I missing something here? Are things really this hard? They should be able to bill separately for the Best of package. Therefore my trial could start now and if I decide to stick with it, just bill me the few dollars when the trial is over 3 months from now.

Has anybody else had experience with this?


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Oct 11, 2008
Anytown, WI
I would call back and ask again. There shouldn't be an issue to add it midplan, I did.

And just today, my quarterly plan was up, and I called to say i'd need to 'pause' my sub for a few months until I saved up more money and could afford it. The lady insisted she give me three months free with my current best of XM plan added, and said if I was still in hard times with money in march, to call them back. Pretty nice. I feel a bit like a jerk taking three months, but I sincerely tried to cancel, but she insisted.