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Oct 13, 2008
Columbus, OH
I am only stating my opinion. There is a difference between negotiating and fraud. If you say you are charging too much money, can I offer you this and they say yes, that is not fraud. If you go in with the attitude that if you don't get your deal you WILL cancel, that is not fraud.

As for XMFAN, I am a poster on both sites (as you probably know). Rules for posting over there sort of reminds me a bit of the song "You can't mess around with Jim".

Your right. The truth is when I went to get my house and car I knew I could pay what they were asking. I just didn't want to. I knew I could pay the sticker price, but there was no way in hell I would. I wanted the house that we have and I had no intention of really walking away. I just knew we could get a better deal by saying that. To me thats not fraud. The guy over at XMFAN knew he could pay the regular price and probably had no intention of really canceling. How is it his fault he was offered a deal? I still don't think he's a thief or it's fraud. SiriusXM didn't have to offer him that deal, but they did.

Thats why I will never post on XMFAN. I really have no problems with SiriusXM. I love the service, but if I ever did how could I post over there? They will jump on you as soon as you have one problem. I hope you never have a problem and post there. It is entertaining to read though.


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Oct 9, 2008
I don't think I claimed it was the legal definition. But you tell me:


I see everything but the injured thereby.

People calling in and threatening to cancel with no real intent to do so still does not meet the definition of fraud. The reason being that Sirius could simply say okay and cancel the account. However, Sirius makes a choice that they have repeatedly allowed folks to call in and they repeatedly extend this offer. If they were noting the account, which they are suppose to do, the next CSR should see that a deal was recently given and not offer them a deal, but instead just cancel the account. This falls more on Sirius than it does the individual calling in. Sirius has a liberal policy on this and thereby instead deals when they should not.

You take Walmart, they use to have a very liberal return policy, you could bring back anything, almost at any time. Now big ticket items they actually track serial numbers and stuff. It is much harder to rip them off. If you ever once time get caught ripping off a Walmart, you name goes on a no return list and they will NEVER allow you to return anything again. This is called being proactive with those that have proven themselves to be dishonest. Sirius extends the offer once and after that they should call the person on their threat, but they made a corporate decision not to do so.

Once again this simply does not meat the legal criteria to be fraud! What I mean by that is that Sirius isn't going to nor would they have grounds to come back on anyone and have them charged with fraud.


Oct 15, 2008
Can I add a second radio the XM OEM for 6.99 to my Sirius lifetime? I do like the clean look of a factory and the steering wheel controls are nice..


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Oct 11, 2008
Toronto, ON
Can I add a second radio the XM OEM for 6.99 to my Sirius lifetime? I do like the clean look of a factory and the steering wheel controls are nice..

No., Sirius and XM are separate. However, the family price of $8.99 is only $1 less than the 3 year price of an XM sub.


Nov 17, 2008
huh? They got to fix this. It should not matter if you go from Sirius lifetime to Xm lifetime. Same company different radio.

Same company, different radio, and different billing/activation systems.

Until they unify the billing/activation systems, they aren't going to combine subs. And since they can use it as an excuse to charge more, it's not likely to ever happen.