Sirius Left and Patriot vs. America Left and America Right

Discussion in 'SiriusXM News & Talk' started by Bandit 5160, Jan 6, 2009.

  1. Bandit 5160

    Bandit 5160 Member

    So who has the better left and right wing talk channels, Sirius or XM? My vote will go to XM. I like Randi Rhodes on America Left (not on Sirius), and I also like hearing Stephanie Miller in the mornings (on Sirius at night). Also, XM doesn't have Lynn Samuels (terrible voice) or Mike Church (arrogant Rush wannabe) on their channels, which is also a plus. This post may be obsolete soon, though, as I bet they will merge the two left and two right wing channels into one channel that is heard on both Sirius and XM soon, possibily even on next Thursday.
  2. Jleimer

    Jleimer Active Member

    I dont know but hopefully they toss Lynn Samuels and get some better liberal talk on Left.
  3. No opinion on the right channels but I like America Left better. I know it's all syndicated, but I've heard Alex Bennett (aka Bennett Gordon Schwarzmann) and Lynn Samuels and I can't stand either one. Mark Thompson is alright.
  4. Jleimer

    Jleimer Active Member

    I agree and hopefully some of America's Left talent come over and we get them full time.
  5. almaniac27

    almaniac27 Member

    America Left beats Sirius Left and America Right beats Sirius Patriot. America Left has Randi Rhodes and Rachel Maddow and all three hours of Ed Schultz live. Sirius Left is simply awful. All the in-house "talent" sucks. The addition of Mark Thompson was the last straw for me with that channel. I barely listened after that and soon switched to XM. I really hope Sirius doesn't screw over 167. And America Right beats Sirius Patriot because Patriot has that stupid Cam & Company show, which is just about the NRA. Sirius has no conservative talk between 9pm and midnight, because Fox News Talk has Alan Colmes on. Of course, America Right has that weirdo Roy Masters, so that knocks them down a few points.
  6. ctkatz

    ctkatz Member

    ideally i would like to see an inhouse channel for liberal and conservative talk and a syndicated channel for liberal and conservative talk. i just don't know where they would find the two additional channels to do that.
  7. zepped

    zepped Member

    Would love to see this happen.
  8. flap_jackson

    flap_jackson Well-Known Member

    America Left wins because it has a lot of the old Air America talent. And America Right and Sirius Patriot are basically the same thing now for the most part, sans a few idiotic little programs, and the Laura Ingraham show, so America Right wins for having Laura.
  9. Pothos76

    Pothos76 New Member

    Church and Wilkow

    I was a dual susbcriber but always felt more at home with XM. I guess if I had to make a choice I would pick XM.

    But, the one area where Sirius won out was its exclusive conservative talk. Wilkow and especially Mike Church are so much better than what is out there on terr. radio.

    If you heard Hannity, then you heard Limbaugh and you heard Levin. All the same neo-conservative, Republican party line stuff.

    Mike Church is a conservative and does not follow the party line. So much better and different.

    I hope they add Wilkow and Church to XM.
  10. Dragline

    Dragline Member

    I agree. I would miss both Wilkow and Church's shows if they were dropped from the lineup.
  11. TX WJ

    TX WJ Intelligent Donkey

    I would rather listen to XM since they have Glenn Beck and Laura Ingraham
  12. eth555

    eth555 New Member

    +1 for Wilkow!! Never got much into Mike Church though.
  13. Pothos76

    Pothos76 New Member

    Glen Beck is not on America Right but on one of the Clear Channel programed channels.

    Of all the AM host Laura Ingram is the best.

    On a conservative channel I want to hear conservatives not neo-cons and republicans aND Bush apologists .
  14. TX WJ

    TX WJ Intelligent Donkey

    Who said he was on Right?
  15. Jleimer

    Jleimer Active Member

    What about Ron Paul Conservatives would you want to listen to that out of curosity.
  16. Pothos76

    Pothos76 New Member

    Not sure I undertand the question. I think Ron Paul conservatives and paleo conservatives would be different from most AM talk hosts.

    Most AM talk show hosts are neo-conservatives. Most paleo-conservatives were anti Iraq war and anti imperialistic/interventionist foreign policy.

    most paleo conservtives would support a repeal of the new deal policies while neo-conservatives seek to grow government less than liberals.

    Wilkow is NOT a paleo-conservative but at least he trys to sound different form the LimbaughhanityLevin show that airs all day on your AM radio.
  17. flap_jackson

    flap_jackson Well-Known Member

    That'd be like listening to the Howard Stern show on Fridays, except all week... a sleeping host:D
  18. Jleimer

    Jleimer Active Member

    So true , and besides that Liberterians and Indies dont get enough exposure on AM with the excpetion of course of a few , and on POTUS.
  19. Pothos76

    Pothos76 New Member

    Nobody but since this thread was not about the channel Glen Beck is on, some including myself for a moment might have been confused. I had to re-check.
  20. Plenty of them on shortwave.

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