Sirius Backstage Tribute Thread

Discussion in 'The Studio Lounge' started by TSS Taylor, Oct 11, 2008.

  1. DAB

    DAB Mod Emeritus

    Hey TX WJ glad to see you back in the fray. Welcome aboard DRC!
  2. NHTracker

    NHTracker New Member

    In June 2003 I bought my first Sirius radio. If I remember right it was the PNP2. Boy was that thing huge in comparison to my XM SkyFI! When not being used as a radio, it made for a fantastic self defense device! Just one toss to the head would knock them unconscious for weeks!! And if not being used as a radio or self defense device, it made for a great toaster! Just toss a slice of bread on that puppy and the natural heating action would roast your toast to a tasty golden brown in minutes!

    Anyway, now that I've regrouped, I discovered SBS after yahooing or googleing these very words, "sirius forum". That was July 2003. I originally joined under the nickname "NHTrac", however, I later abandoned that nickname after I came home drunk one night and couldn't log onto the site. The reason being that I was trying to log on as "NHTracker", not "NHTrac". NHTracker is a nick I'd been using for years and for some reason SBS was the only site that I had decided to switch it up. Obviously the combination of liquor and the fact that I was riled up about the channel changes in February 2004 (Vortex rest in peace), threw my brain into a stupor. Needless to say I created a new nick using my old trusty NHTracker nick and the rest is history.

    Until SBS I was an XMFAN.... literally. But shortly after getting Sirius, XM decided to go into this whole deep obscure tracks thing on my favorite channel, Ethel. Naturally, I gravitated more towards hits based Sirius. At the same time my interest in SBS grew. I found the folks at SBS significantly more civil and inviting. XMFAN on the other hand was getting quite hostile. I mean it had always been hostile, but it was gradually getting worse. SBS quickly became the forum I looked at every chance I could. Even if I didn't post much, I was always lurking. Most likely if I posted as much as I lurked, my post count would probably be right on par with the great and mighty DAB! But all in all, I'm lazy and would rather read.

    One of the funniest post I had ever read on SBS came about year or so ago and I'll never forget it. It involved a few posters that were rambling on about some commercial that for the life of me I could not figure out. So as I was scrolling down through the thread I saw a post from Rustytrombone that summed up exactly what I was thinking.. "What the hell are you people talking about?" Perhaps it was my mood at the time and the way he put it, but it nearly knocked me off my chair laughing.

    I will also never forget how the 2005 flood of new subs changed the whole dynamic of the forum. In a very short period of time our little forum grew by leaps and bounds with a whole new crew of people. Some stayed with us and some never came back. But ultimately, it was good times all around!
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  3. Vargas

    Vargas Molon Labe!

    Backstage was the place to be--I loved it.

    Talk about a great place to share your passion about Sirius with other people that were even more passionate. I never thought I'd be a forum guy and left SBS with around 1800 posts.

    The people were the best. It was practically a contest to see who could report the latest firmwear update or MSS update or who could be the first to post a review on a new radio or accessory.

    Hopefully this can all continue at the DRC.
  4. DAB

    DAB Mod Emeritus

    Vargus, Hey old friend, oh buddy of mine, good to see you made it onboard.

    Yeah those old days of rushing to get the info up was a lot of fun. Not much rush to get those falling stock prices on the board these days. hehehe

    Hope we'll see you around often!
  5. MM

    MM Administrator

    We're the same people here at DRC and all of the good things and more will continue here.

    We have some other forums for people who have other radio and/or Sirius as well.

    I'm glad you're here and welcome aboard.
  6. me_rubin

    me_rubin Member

    Vargas only 1800... Sounds like you've been a slacker lately....

    Glad to see you over here. Welcome to the DRC!
  7. deedee

    deedee Active Member

    Would like to share my thoughts with you

    I have a feeling that the "Studio Lounge" is going to be one of my favorite places to "curl up on the couch" and read what so many have to say.

    I more or less finished reading most of the "Posts" that DAB, Michigan Made, TSS Taylor, Roscoryan and TulaneJeff ( I'm sorry if I missed anyone I'm sure I did ) wrote in the "Studio Lounge" with respect to how SBS came together and how it then began to melt away. In so doing you all praised the other person's for the success it became and never once yourselves.

    You all showed class, respect and admiration for each other and a kind of friendship that is worth holding on to which was evident when each one of you expressed your own stories.

    I can't say that I can even begin to understand what any of you must have felt letting go of something you all believed in and workd so hard on - but you came through it and we are the lucky ones once again ! ! :Smiley_wink:

    In my first "Post" here I stated that I found SBS when I went looking for any info with reference to a music question. Just by chance I found SBS with people who could give me my answer. I never looked back.

    To say the least I am still very much a "Novice" with my knowledge to being part of a "Forum" but I luv it anyway.

    I luv that we don't share the same point of views a lot of the time and I think that's really great but also it's nice to be part of the other side of the coin.

    So here's to having good fun and a few serious words together - and of cause the MUSIC info ( always the music info )

    Looking forward to having FUN :Smiley_wink:

    diane ;)
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  8. DAB

    DAB Mod Emeritus

    Thank you Diane, I really appreciate your kind words. What is most important is that we are all here now on DRC.

    I too look forward to having fun and enjoying this new home.

    Again I am glad to see you part of it. :)
  9. Wolf

    Wolf I'm manscaping the severs!

    For the fun of it I checked out SBS and it really like a ghost town over there now, yea it really sad. So I decided to remove my avatar and sig over there.
  10. IdRatherBeSkiing

    IdRatherBeSkiing This space for rent

    I just put a note on the end of my sig saying I was here.
  11. Wolf

    Wolf I'm manscaping the severs!

    or that could have worked too. :p
  12. NBACha

    NBACha New Member

    Member of SBS here as well. Giving up on that site due to well documented issues. I'm here now!
  13. me_rubin

    me_rubin Member

    If it was that well documented, they would of fixed the site!
    NBACha - Welcome to the DRC!
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  14. NBACha

    NBACha New Member

    Well documented vs. don't care. Either way, happy to be here now.
  15. SatelliteSteve

    SatelliteSteve New Member

    I use to have the JVC KT-SR1000. It died on me last October after having it for over 3 years!
  16. Blink

    Blink New Member

    I for one also loved SBS, didn't really understand when Jeff just went away. Nice to see this new forum and some of my old friends. :bigthumbup:
  17. DAB

    DAB Mod Emeritus

    Uh OH... don't blink it is BLINK!

    Good to see you made it over!

  18. DoublEE

    DoublEE Active Member

    Welcome Blink! :flowers:
  19. roscoryan

    roscoryan DRC Graphics Guru

    Blink, it's good to see another old friend in our new home. WELCOME! ;)
  20. Blink

    Blink New Member

    Thanks guys Good to see you all here.

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