Sirius Backstage Tribute Thread

Discussion in 'The Studio Lounge' started by TSS Taylor, Oct 11, 2008.

  1. deezee

    deezee New Member

    Came here after stumbling through SBS and read some farewell posts (resignation posts). Thanks for stepping up to the plate guys. Glad to be here. Will miss SBS, but have deleted the bookmark and will move on to better things. Look forward to some Sirius posts.
  2. DAB

    DAB Mod Emeritus

    deezee is this deedee? You changed your name?
  3. deezee

    deezee New Member

    Nope, was deezee and still is. :)
  4. Aaron

    Aaron Moderator

    I have invited deedee to join as well. I hope she does.
  5. DaJoker

    DaJoker New Member

    Well folks, it's indeed sad to see that SBS has gone the way of the dodo, but like all things, change is good. Most of the mods know my story, but for those that don't well, let's just say that life hit me full in the face a while back and I had to refrain from continuing to support SBS in a way it needed. I had worked extremely hard to try to bring in new features that members had asked for during my stint as the server admin, but I guess things slid downhill after I had to leave. I am glad that the legacy does live on and that all the old names are still contributing and pushing the digital radio community to new heights. I'll definitely try to stop in from time to time as life allows to catch up with old friends. I wish I could have done more to keep SBS alive, and I apologize if some folks felt slighted, brushed aside, or generally felt like those in the reigns didn't give a damn. I can only say that I gave what I could, when I could. On a better note though, it's good to be "back" with you all again.
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  6. TulaneJeff

    TulaneJeff Member

    Without your efforts, SIRIUS Backstage would not have gotten as far as it did. Thanks for everything you did to push us forward. Your innovations will always be remembered.

    Good to hear from you again. I hope you are doing well. :)

  7. me_rubin

    me_rubin Member

    DaJoker - Welcome to DRC - It's nice to hear from you again. I know in the past we all did not agree on everything, but you sure had a lot of technical insight to contribute. I respect that! Welcome and glad to see that Smiling Joker face again!
  8. DAB

    DAB Mod Emeritus

    Ops, sorry I got a PM at SBS from deedee after I invited her. She appeared to be having trouble registering over here. I've checked back over there today to see if she replied, but she has not.

    Sorry for the mix up deezee :) Welcome to DRC.
  9. DAB

    DAB Mod Emeritus

    Amen, it was after DaJoker left that things got worse and worse in terms of the server side. DaJoker was the man in that regard. I hated to see him step away from SBS, but of course I understood his need to do so.

    Glad to see you here DaJoker.
  10. MM

    MM Administrator

    I did too. But I respect him to this day for his reasons for doing so.

    Glad to see you DaJoker.
  11. DaJoker

    DaJoker New Member

    Thanks guys for the welcome.
  12. realwx

    realwx New Member

    I don't think much from me has to be said here... I joined SBS in trying to find out how to install a Satellite Radio, and then helped out others with issues, and it went from there, up until, well, everyone knows past that. I wasn't here anytime between when I was banned and up until DRC, but I guess from what I'm reading it got sold, and died (Kind of seems familiar, actually).
  13. Casual Fan

    Casual Fan Surprisingly nice

    So help me God, it will be my personal forum mission to keep alive the memories of SBSers gymeejet and Sondan, and to find that abandoned industrial site near Newark where their bodies were dumped.

    Once a year, I'll post a profanity-laden rant in honor of Sondan, and Manco will chastise me.
  14. usiphi203

    usiphi203 New Member

    Hello Hello.

    Glad to see we have a new place to kill time. I can't even remember the last time I posted at SBS. I just happened to go there to see if it was running any faster and notice I had a PM from 7Aaron about this site, thanks. I look forward to killing time on here with you guys and all of the new members.
  15. mrpacs

    mrpacs Well-Known Member

    Hey Usiphi!:bigthumbup:
  16. deedee

    deedee Active Member

    Hi !!

    Will the real deedee please stand UP DOWN UP :Smiley_wink:

    You all know that it takes some woman ( me for sure to get her things together a little longer then men that's what my husband tells me all of the time, I think he's right on this one ). But I finally think I did it I feel like I'm at a new home happy to be here VERY COOL AND SO MANY SUBJECTS TO CHOOSE FROM..............................

    I wish you all great times ahead of you and all of your extended families..................

    I have to tell you that back in 2006 when I first came across Sirius Backstage I was trying to find out what happened to Bob Thomas ( one of the great DJ's ) and his Sunday Night Doo-Wop Drive In show and I found something called a "Forum" which lead me to "Backstage" and a whole new world opened up for me, it gave me a break from all of my other work that I do on the Internet and I loved it. Felt bad about Bob Thomas being let go and still miss him, but I feel that I also have made new friends on the way.......

    Very Happy to be here and I hope I can contribute...........


    luv ya

    deedee ;)

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  17. MM

    MM Administrator

    It's great to have you deedee. :)

    Don't forget your spell checker. ;)
  18. Aaron

    Aaron Moderator

    Welcome aboard deedee!!
  19. TulaneJeff

    TulaneJeff Member

    Great to see you again deedee!

    It's been amazing to watch how online communities are born, evolve and continue to grow, one person at a time.

    Once you discover and join a network of friends, you may come and go, but you never really leave.
  20. TX WJ

    TX WJ Intelligent Donkey

    SIRIUS Backstage was not my first forum, but it was the one that I posted the most on. Before that these was where I also had thousand of posts. I also was active on Pickup Truck News, Reviews, Community and Help Finding a New or Used Pickup but now I am on TiVo Community . It looks like this is going to be a good site, so maybe I will stick around.

    I first read about satellite radio and then eagerly awaited its rollout. Knowing that Sirius was commercial free, I did not go with XM. I signed up with Sirius in July 2002 when they launched; Houston (where I was at the time) was one of the first cities. I paid a bunch of money to have that Jensen CB lookalike installed in my Grand Cherokee, but the sound was so tinny, that I ripped it and my stock Infinity setup out and had a Kenwood Exelon unit and upgraded Infinity speakers and subs added and I was so happy.

    I found SBS on Christmas Day 2002 looking for other that had caught the Sirius bug. There I met the cast of characters that became my online friends. AZ Joe, Dab, Manco, The Interpreter (whom was the first SBS’er I met in life), Sirius Rich (met him too). Good folks keep coming SISO, MM, Joker and so many others.

    I have been through so many radios. I started with the Jensen CB Look-a-like, then went to Kenwood Exelon. Over the years there has been an Audiovox series 1 then a series 2. Sportster 2,3 & 4. A factory radio in my 03 Dodge Ram. Starmate Replay 2. I now have the factory Toyota setup. I also had another Sirius radio, but I forget what they called it, it was like the XM Commander. On the XM side (was a dual subscriber for 2 years) I had a Skyfi2 and a Pioneer handheld.

    Over the years my life has changed, got remarried (cut down on my posting) then along came my son (cut down posting even more). I hardly posted at SBS anymore, took too long to load.

    Looks like a nice site, thanks for the invite!

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