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Discussion in 'SiriusXM Install Bay' started by TSS Taylor, Oct 11, 2008.

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    Really neat to get to see it in action, instead of just hearing second-hand stories about it. I kinda wish they had the bandwidth to do more with it and expand it beyond kids programming, say to watch TV while on vacation in a rental cottage or something without wiring and a dish. Just pop a Siri antenna anywhere you'd get a reasonable signal, and get a select few of the more popular TV networks and cable networks.
  2. magleamin7

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    Does anybody have any setup pics in a Hynudai Accent?? lol
  3. robhurlburt

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    Thanks for the compliment! Is is a saab, 2003 9-3SS. It is wired through the AUX-IN.

  4. jammasterc

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    '04 Dodge Grand Caravan.

  5. Mopar86

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    These setups all look really good. Thanks for the "rare" Backseat TV pics Scott. I wish I would have taken some when I tested the backseat TV when it first came out.

    I guess I better get some photos up of my setup too and join the fun.
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  6. I am thinking of getting rid of the Sirius Backseat video and removing Sirius from my truck entirely.

    I have XM built in and can add the best of Sirius package, so I am not losing anything that I listen to while I drive.

    For video I am looking to get AT&T Cruisecast in place of the Sirius Backseat Video, which gives me a lot more channels or real TV programming.

    Another reason why I want to get rid of Sirius in my truck is the included FM modulator which is hooked up into my radio. To listen to FM or AM on my radio I must turn on (from standby) the Sirius unit, and then turn it off again which they turns off the FM modulator.

    Not that I listen to AM or FM radio often but Sirius XM does not have Hartford traffic and news. :)
  7. mummer43

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    Is this a custom vehicle mount? How did you run the wires?
  8. bigdaddyII

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    They are both VSMs. The radios are both Sportster 3s now. The wires on the F150 run just below the mount, the antennae wire is visible in the pic, I have since fixed it. In the Sentra, the wires run under the right air vent.
  9. mummer43

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    Looks really good, thanks for the info!
  10. Chob

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    It's a bit awkward but it works.
  11. TX WJ

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    Nicely done man, I've got the same truck at work. Installed myself (pics to follow). Is the info on your radio a result of the fm direct connection??

    I also installed my radio in my mazda6, but unfortunately it's no longer with us because I had to get a more family friendly vehicle and i didn't take any pics. Now that i've got a 2008 caravan, i decided to get it professionally installed as i didn't know the ins and outs of the system. Guys that did it for me did a great job. Pics of the install to follow too!
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  13. pointlessmerger

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    Here's my pics of the megavan interior


    Sorry for the small size of the pics, just click on em.
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  15. I like the miniature vans on your roof!
  16. robhurlburt

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    why do you have 2 receivers? It looks like they both are sirius, no?
  17. TSS Taylor

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    That was a short lived feature on some Chryslers.
  18. bigdaddyII

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    2002 Dodge Ram 1500:


    Got tired of waiting on VSM to arrive (2 weeks) so I used the little ball mount things and screwed it under the vent. Antennae sits on passenger side dash, audio provided via AUX cable. Dont really notice any difference from the FM Mod. that everyone was harping about.
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    The pack of Marlboro sitting there is fan-effing-tastic!

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    Dont leave home without them hyson!

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