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    True , plus you get to hear stuff you havent heard in a while or for the first time. Since I have had Slacker I have heard songs I havent heard before.
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    Yeah that is what I love about it! Even on the decades channels I've heard tunes that rare if ever played on sat radio. Jewels that I forgot about it had been so long since I heard them.

    The discovery feature though is great for new music.
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    The Fred Essentials Collection on Slacker Radio

    i became a Sirius subscriber on Christmas 2004 and in March 2007 I got my hands on an XM radio and fell in love with Fred on 44. Since Fred died I decided to give Slacker a try a few weeks ago and I've tried to create a station based off the famous "Fred Essentials" countdowns.

    I used these two documents I found online:

    1. 2002 All-Time Greatest Songs (From 2002)

    2. The 2003 Fred Essentials Countdown of 2044 Best Songs

    Here is my station... called "The Fred Essentials Collection" It has 244 bands in the library so far and growing every day.

    Slacker Personal Radio - Listen to Free Internet Radio Stations

    Let me know what you guys think!!!
  7. RoadRunner

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    Great idea! I've also been working on a Fred Essentials channel, based off your first source, but am not as far along as you, and haven't had time to work on it lately. I may just dump mine and steal yours!:crazy:
  8. dlnester

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    I added Stan Ridgeway today... so 245... :)
  9. hexagram

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    I have a question (hopefully it's not a dumb question)...

    Is there any way you can save these custom stations to the Slacker software player (not the hardware player) instead of viewing it in a web browser?
  10. dlnester

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    You can just create an account, log into the web player and save it as a favorite station. Log into the software player, and find the station listed under the Favorites listing. (I believe that is how you can do it)
  11. yeah. Like nester said. Download the software player.. Be sure to create a account. The web player is Slackers baby now. So no more updates to the software player anymore, but you certainly can still download it, and use.
  12. DAB

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    How were you able to pull just hits from a specific year in creating your station? This is something I wish they would figure out a way to do is add a year to the fine tuning so that you could specific only hits from a specific year.

    Then again in trying to create holiday channels there is also no way to select just holiday music from specific artist either.

    These are two shortcoming in the fine tuning which if they could fix would REALLY enhance a premium subscription and get it extra value.
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    I tried that too. Went to all the artists I was looking for, selected as favorites all the Christmas songs in the list. Fined tuned the station to play maximum favorites, and for the most part, it sticks to the Christmas songs... but not always. :banghead:
  14. DAB

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    Yeah this is what I've had to do in creating some holiday channels as well as some being able to pull southern gospel songs from artist that also has non gospel music. It works very well, but with Pandora, you can actually specify.

    Example: Bing Crosby (Holiday)

    It will then play pull all his holiday music from their library and make it available on the created channel.

    Slacker needs to come up with a method of doing this as well.

    You should be able to put in like Johnny Cash (Gospel) and it pull just the Gospel songs from the Library. Then in regards to the date, you could do it basically the same way, Neil Diamond (1972) it would then only select music that was released by Neil Diamond in that specific year.

    There are many ways this could be accomplished, but that would be very easy. Then again it requires that your Library be able distinqush it using the specified match criteria.
  15. dlnester

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    I can't do what you are saying. I used the lists to find Artists and added them to my station. I then set it to play older/more unfamiliar songs. I can't tell it what to play by year. I think overall it does a pretty good job, but every now and then something off-the-wall pops in and I have to remove it from the station.
  16. That is strange. As the stations you posted are titled with specific years.......
  17. dlnester

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    Those are just playlists from XM satellite radio. Each year they did a countdown from 2044 to 1 of the most "essential" songs played on Fred on 44. Those songs span a range from the mid 1970's to about 1992-1993.
  18. JMII

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    NICE! :clap: I was going to build a Freestyle station for myself but you saved the trouble. This is what makes Slacker such a great idea, its all about that "community sharing" concept that's what really powers this crazy internet thing I keep hearing about ;)

    Still working on my Dance/Club Hits Station, but here is what I got so far:
    DANCE 1 Slacker Personal Radio - Listen to Free Internet Radio Stations

    Also for those that like the BOOM, crank up your subwoofer* to:
    BASS Slacker Personal Radio - Listen to Free Internet Radio Stations
    *warning not responsible for damage to speakers or eardrums :churn:
  19. snakester

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    Alright. Hopefully this works.

    Slacker Personal Radio - Listen to Free Internet Radio Stations

    I called it Coalition. Trying to be a little bit more creative than just calling it the same as the satellite channel with a couple of words tacked on. Note that if you don't like the mix of music on faction, you will NOT like this channel. It's along the same lines, but with a bit more depth from the core artists. Rap, hard rock and newer punk are represented. Older punk is NOT because the Faction I fell in love with was before the removal of the Punk channel and before they threw that music into the blender. All the artists on this channel have been culled from Faction playlists.

    I'm still not completely done with it, but I figured I'd throw it up to get some feedback. The main thing I'm not happy with is it goes a bit too deep, especially with some of the rap artists. But if I set slacker to Hits, it ignores some of the less popular bands that faction plays, requiring me to painstakingly BAN songs that go a little too deep.

    The other problem is the older Guns n Roses, Metallica and Motorhead, but I've gotten that trimmed out a lot. Anyone who's ever listened to Faction, let me know what you think.
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