Share Your Slacker Stations Here (Maybe we'll Spotlight them)

Discussion in 'Slacker Spotlight' started by Music_Rube, Oct 21, 2008.

  1. That one is kind of fun with the right mood. Thanks.
  2. Bandit 5160

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  3. Aaron

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  4. DAB

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    Hey Aaron I will defo have to check that one out!

    All you guys have been posting some really cool channels, I have checked several of them out!

    This is all so much fun and I think it is what will drive a community of users for Slacker!
  5. squigy0

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    Hey, XM used to have a channel back in the early days called Vibra that played all Spanish rock. The channel continued on on the DirecTV Spanish package (and I'm guess is now gone) but was never offered to subscribers on the sats or online again. Anybody created a station like that or know of one close to it?

  6. TX WJ

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  7. AZDude

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    I think Slacker might already have a professionally programed station for Spanish rock. I'm not exactly certain right now since I'm at work and can't check the site. If not there is a station called Spanish. I assume it would offer something like that.
  8. Brandon12

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    It's not very good. That's the ONE station that i'm not impressed with :scratch:
    I'm not even sure it's professionally programmed, as I dont see a programmer topic in the forum for it.
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    Dude I'm digging Americana Jam. :yesshake:

    I'm still holding out that OC will make the changes to keep me. Or Slacker will come out with a car kit.

    I see they show a FM Mod. Wonder how strong?
  13. squigy0

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    The mod is definitely stronger and less susceptible to interference than my internal modulator on my Inno. The things you've gotta watch for on the Slacker modulator are: 1. It is possible for the Slacker volume to be too loud, causing distortion, and 2. It's possible for the Slacker volume to be too low, and the modulator automatically turns itself off if it doesn't hear music at an acceptable level for more than about a minute.
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  17. oncesir

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    Not sure how that happened. Fixed!
  18. Jleimer

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    Thanks man I will check it out.
  19. Jleimer

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  20. oncesir

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    My squizz channel is pretty good and true to most of the music that Squizz used to play. Of course it has requested music you may not like but overall it is Squizz minus all the crappy RATM, new GnR and AC/DC. Ive listened for 8 hours straight and have only heard a few repeats that were the songs that I requested. For free, I cant complain.

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