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Discussion in 'Slacker Spotlight' started by Music_Rube, Oct 21, 2008.

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    Hey Rob, I think you and I may be duplicating our efforts! LOL I loved your Billboard Hot 100 # 1 Hits that was one I didn't think of! ;)

    I've been creating stations using the Billboard for each year, though I have to say I have not always stayed true to it, because if I didn't like the group/band or song I didn't include it because after all this is Personal Radio. :) Also my stations are a blend across all genres in a given decade. (Pop, Rock, R&B/HipHop, Dance, Country)

    American Bandstand (All the greats from the '50s to the '80s that appeared on ABS)

    Romantic '70s (Top Romantic Songs, you may hear many of these in the 70's Jukebox)

    '70s Jukebox (1970 to 1979)

    '80s Explosion (1980 to 1989)

    '90s Eruption (1990 to 1999)

    2K Throw Down (2000 to 2009)

    Again these are very personalized station so you won't hear Bruce Springsteen, George Michael or Wam you can rest assured of that! LOL There are probably others missing too and much of this is by design.
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    Call me crazy, and this is something I would suggest the Slacker forum to do, but I won't suggest it there cause it'll probably be over looked.

    It would be maybe a bit more user friendly, if a mod/admin took some time and created sub forums for each genre of music and moved these stations into their respective forums. It's 19 pages of stations and very hard to sift through to find a station you may enjoy. I'm sure most people like me don't even bother to look through each page because of that reason alone.

    Just a suggestion.. :)
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    DAB, I'm glad you enjoyed the Billboard station. :eek:

    By the way, I just want to let everyone know I'm not a George Michael fan. I don't want that to get around and ruin my reputation. ;)
  6. DAB

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    hehehe :p
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    Thanks Joan Jett, I'll have to check those out. Welcome to DRC, glad you made it aboard!
  9. Aaron

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    A few more stations I created...

    Philly Soul - featuring those great 70's soul classics
    Slacker Personal Radio - Listen to Free Internet Radio Stations

    San Francisco Bay Radio - plays music from all those artists that emerged from San Francisco, Oakland, and the surrounding areas.
    Slacker Personal Radio - Listen to Free Internet Radio Stations

    Songs of Woodstock - For this one, I simply plugged in every song in the setlist of the three day Woodstock Festival, back in 1969. If it played at Woodstock, and was available on Slacker, it's playing here. Favorites set to maximum.
    Slacker Personal Radio - Listen to Free Internet Radio Stations
  10. Aaron

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    I'm glad I checked out those stations, especially Le Grou Tyme Acadien. It was interesting to hear the cajun music being played in my area mixed in with the music from Canada. Nicely done!
  11. Jon

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    Master List of All my Custom Stations:

    American Idol Radio
    (work in progress): I'm still on about the season 4 as far as the artists are concerned. I combined the artists' original works with the cover songs done on the show from the original artists. After I'm done with that I'll scan the slacker library to find any 'Live Idol Performances' of those songs done by the contestants if that's even possible.

    The Colorado Sound: Artists who lived, were born, or made their names in the state of Colorado. Including Glen Miller (raised in Fort Morgan, CO) all the way to Jello Biafra (attended University of Colorado) and John Denver. And yes, bands like the Fray, Big Head Todd and the Monsters, The Samples, String Cheese Incident are also included.

    Derek's Favorites: A Station I made for me (Derek is my real first name, for the record. Jon is a middle name) playing all my favorites.

    Fungus: Just like the old Fungus53 on XM.

    Headbanger's Ball: A mixture of the old Boneyard, Liquid Metal, Buzzsaw, and Hair Nation.

    Here's To the Ladies
    : All chick radio, everyone from Dolly Parton to Joan Jett to Sarah McLachlan.

    One-Hit Wonders (Work In Progress): right now it's one-hitters from the 70's and 80's, I'll add the 60's and MAYBE the 90's later.

    Swingin': Everything from the Rat Pack to Big Bad Voodoo Daddy.

    The Bridge: Mellow Rock similar to the much-maligned Sirius station. I promise not to turn it into Paul McCartney radio in 3 months. :D

    The Rhyme
    : Old-school hip-hop.

    US Country
    : Much like the old XM Station, 80's and 90's country.
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    I've added some 90s stuff to the one-hit wonder station and it's a little on the repetitive side. I'll work on the rest this weekend. There are some rap tracks but I don't want to get to hardcore there. Other than the repeats, I like the direction it's taking otherwise.
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    I nominate Jon's "One-hit Wonders" station for future consideration in the Slacker Spotlight! :bigthumbup:
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    Classic Rock Favorites

    This is a classic rock station. It has some hits and a few deeper cuts. Enjoy

    Classic Rock Favorites
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    Bad Mamma Jamma Radio

    This station plays R&B, Funk and Motown favorites. Enjoy!

    Bad Mamma Jamma
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    Started a new station called "The Groove Of Summer"

    Station is very much based around that "summery" feeling. Lots of blues, funk, jam band, rock stuff. Very band oriented and more towards the "not a teenager" crowd. You will not be hearing any hip-hop, hard rock etc. You should be able to throw this on at a BBQ and just let it ride out all day. Great for road trips also :)

    Great example of how even a small addition of bands w/ the right artist discovery set will create a beautiful playlist.

    The Groove Of Summer

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    MYXPN Radio

    WXPN 88.5 Philadelphia is a great public radio station from the University of Pennsylvania. The station plays a variety of music and you never know what is coming next. I have based this station on XPN's playlist.

    MYXPN Radio
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