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Discussion in 'Sirius Portables' started by drcmathguy, Dec 1, 2008.

  1. drcmathguy

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    I've had my 50 running the sirius holiday pops channel 79 for the past 24 hours, but it's not picking up any of this channel into the mychannels group. Two weeks ago, it successfully picked up a few hours of cinemagic 81, but now it's not adding any more music into mycinemagic. I've tried loving a couple of songs (that's another issue) on 79, but I can't seem to trigger the mychannel feature.

    I did a shutdown with 79 playing, and then restarted in the car dock. Channel 79 came back up, but no luck on triggering a mypops, either. :confused:

    Anyone else having this good or bad luck with mychannels? My unit has all the latest firmware and os 1.5.6.
  2. Allanon

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    Call Sirius technical support and complain. Others are having the same problem on a variety of hardware and Sirius is doing nothing about it. It doesn't even acknowledge that there is a problem.
  3. Have you updated your S50 in the last 6 months using My Sirius Studio? If not then you may have the wrong software and it isn't taking the new channel updates well. Also your S50 may not have gotten the full channel updates. If this is the case it would be wise if you called Sirius and had them re-shoot your radio the update. This update they can do is only the channel update and not the software update. If you have any other problems you can just call us at 773-772-4340.
  4. Allanon

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    Have you tried to love songs from channel 79? I have an SL2, and this is one of the channels that lost its "love a song" ability when channels were merged. The same applies to channel 80.

    Please try, on whatever hardware you have, to record a song off channel 79 and/or channel 80. If it works for you, please tell us. I would so much like it that it was a problem with my SL2, rather than a Sirius problem, as I could ask for a warranty exchange and get this functionality back. But, my hopes are not high.

    The problem is worse for me, as I can only complain to Sirius Canada technical support which cannot do anything about it. :cry:
  5. Ok, I have tried to record both 79 and 80 and you are right. I could only schedule a recording for time instead of for a certain song. We think that this problem roots from the fact that channels 79 and 80 used to be talk radio and now they are music. The stiletto's programing must think that it is still a talk station and Sirius needs to send out some updates. You can be sure that we will be passing this information and this thread to Sirius so they can resolve the problem. I am also certain that this will also be a problem for older stilettos and S50's. Hopefully they will resolve the issue ASAP.
  6. Allanon

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    They didn't use to be talk channels! They were music channels, and the "Radio Replays" and "Love" functionality was working very well, indeed, on these channels until the November 12 channel merge. These channels have been merged with XM's classical channels, or should I say, replaced by them. They kept some of Sirius's DJs (Preston Trombly on 80, and Vincent Caruso on 79) in addition to XM's original DJs.

    Other music channels (not classical) have benn experiencing the same problems. Try channel 12. Don't tell me that there used to be a talk channel on channel 12!!!
    [*** Edit: I was just able to love a song there. The previous song, 5 minutes before, was not "lovable"... So, I guess they are fixing it for the more popular channels. ***]

    Matt, you should read other threads in this forum and in the "Sirius Radios" forum. Many people have been complaining about this problem since the merge. I'm surprised that as a TSS employee you don't know about it.

    Maybe TSS would be able to get in touch with Sirius and get some feedback on this problem: whether Sirius intend to fix it or not, and if yes, when.
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  7. We will do our best to try and get in touch with Sirius so they can solve this problem. Sirius may already be aware of it and they are currently trying to solve it and the fix may not come overnight. Even though the merger had been in the works for over a year the two companies couldn't legally speak to one another till the merger was approved and had already gone through. I feel that Sirius is doing a great job of trying to work out the bugs and get everything to work properly. Not even I felt everything was going to go smooth sailing after the merger.

    Also, we here at TSS try our best to stay up to date on these forums, but also we are dealing with customers on an individual basis here, either with sales, exchanges, or even technical problems. It is no ones individual job to stay on these forums and answer all of these questions. It is everyones job to do this here at TSS and try and fit it in between our day to day duties. I apologize for my obvious mistake and after further review you are absolutely right, these channels were not talk stations before the merger. My mistake.

    We are having the same problems that you are experiencing with recordings on both of those stations and we will be passing the appropriate information on to Sirius. We try very hard to do so on many of the issues that they have been experiencing, from technical problems to station censoring. Our best input comes from you, the customer. Between the five of us here and the hundreds of you on this forum we can hopefully help makes Sirius XM better.
  8. Allanon

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  9. Thank you for the link. I will be passing this around the office and we will see what we can do with it.
  10. Allanon

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    Thanks for your help! :D

    I would hope that Sirius is working on it. I remember reading a message where somebody reported that things were improving on "90s on 9". Unfortunately, Sirius is not (officially) letting anybody know about their time frame to fix it. As for Sirius customer/technical support, they're not trustworthy, they give random answers trying to please the caller. See http://www.digitalradiocentral.com/sirius-portables/1620-mo-love-next-week.html as an example of this. :(
  11. Hmm, this is troubling. I am upset that I missed this thread, though its name is probably what made me pass it by. We try to avoid most political or innapropriate material on here since we are a business and maybe that's what my brain categorized it as without reading the thread. I will pass this one around as well.

    I am sorry to hear that poor customer service is expected when calling. We never have the opportunity to deal with their customer service and we only deal with our Sirius/XM reps, which are very knowledgeable and professional. All of this info will be passed along to them and hopefully help them improve their service.
  12. drcmathguy

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    Hi Matt,
    I did the firmware and the software updates a few months ago with no problems. A couple of weeks ago I got all the channel updates, too. I think I may try deleting all the mychannel stuff and see if it will start a new group of mychannels from scratch. I like radio margaritaville, and so I'll see if I can get it onto the mychannels. If so, then the theory that some channels aren't "lovely" may be worth checking.
  13. XeroFuzion

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    How do you explain not being able to record on 38 ? Also Channel 20 (Octane) is hit or miss BIG TIME. I could be listening and record 2-3 songs in a row no problem, then on the 4th song it asks how long I want to record. When the channel update occured it also wiped out the Titles on some of my Radio Replays and i now cannot access them AT ALL. I cant play them or delete them. My Stiletto was working 100% fine before the SiriusXM channel update. My Stilletto also is configured with all the latest software verified by MySiriusStudio. My wifes S50 has the similar problems with the "LOVE" feature. 2/2 radios in my household were affected by this and I have called customer service and have done everything but factory reset my radios to correct this issue. I feel that I shouldnt have to wipe out my radios by doing a factory reset that may or may not fix an issue caused by SiriusXM in the first place. As far as I am concerned, SiriusXM broke my radio and should send me a new one that works! I guess thats what lifetime membership gets you? Also, there is NO MENTION OF THIS ISSUE ON THE SIRIUS SITE. WHY? It would be nice that Sirius acknowledge to its customers that it is aware of the issue and are doing what they can to resolve it and will do this as soon as possible. Otherwise it looks to the customer as if they could care less about our problems. Pass that along to Sirius as well. Oh yeah By The Way. Thanks for testing out merging all the channels to see what kind of issues there might be before just throwing it in our laps to deal with. That was VERY MICROSOFT of Sirius. I guess meeting Mel Karmazin's deadlines of when he wanted channels merged was more important than getting it right the first time. Hey Mel, read this part since you probably only understand $$$. You should look at how much money this is costing you to fix this issue both in terms of customer support calls, as well as having your engineers spending time fixing the issue, not to mention wasting time talking about this in meetings (this assumes Sirius is doing something to fix the issue).

    Okay, I have beat this up enough. Ill just sit here and wait for whatever updates come out that might fix this. THANKS MATT !!
  14. The more I have researched this, I have not been able to "heart songs" on certain stations. Most of them are station which merged. We are keeping a tally of these stations and we will be sending them to Sirius.
  15. XeroFuzion

    XeroFuzion Member

    Hopefully they will take you more seriously than our individual phone calls.
  16. drcmathguy

    drcmathguy New Member

    Here's my latest mychannels experiment and its results on my s50:

    1. Cleared the mychannels

    2. Went to Margaritaville 31 and loved a couple of songs. Guess what--it was one click on the love button to save a song. No problems. Just like the good old days.

    3. After a while, mymargville appeared in the mychannels with a couple of hours of music.

    4. Went to cinemagic 81 and played some Christmas music. Tried to love a song but it wanted a start and a finish click, and I haven't figured that one out. A three-click failure.

    5. However--it *did* start a mycinemagc buffer in the mychannels with a couple of hours recorded.

    5. Next stop, more holiday music on 79. Again, it was a 3-click love deal (can someone explain this?), and so I couldn't save a song.

    6. I let 79 run overnight, but no deal on the mychannels. I've got only mymargvlle and mycinemagc, but *no* mypops. Bummer. Grinch-like.

    I invite others to see what channels can appear in mychannels:

    31 margaritaville -- deal
    81 cinemagic -- deal
    79 pops -- no deal
  17. TheScionicMan

    TheScionicMan Last non-Hating Stern Fan

    I tried to LOVE Chinese Democracy from Octane the other night but had to opt for a timed recording instead. Thought maybe they were just blocking it cuz its so fresh and clean.

    I have a much bigger issue with MyChannels that maybe Matt can add to the list: My S50 saves Howard101 to MyChannels, but only during Ferrell cuz it picks up the music he plays in the background. Way wrong on the implementation there...
  18. XeroFuzion

    XeroFuzion Member

    This is wild. The ghost of a deletion returns. REALLY weird that you posted this because I experienced something WEIRD like this today. Turned the radio on and like i usually do went to Satellite Radio -> Presets. I used to have BOOMBOX as my B2 preset on my SL100. Well after the channel update I removed it because it no longer worked. Well, it worked this morning, more on this in 1 second. I replaced my B2 preset with ALT NATION (since sirius said music from boombox would be played on there - YEAH RIGHT!), but this morning ALT NATION wasnt there. My B2 preset was replaced by channel 39 the pop2k channel. I never set pop2k as a preset. i dont even listen to it.

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