S50 Bitmap Converter (Repost)


Oct 11, 2008
Herndon, VA
( Now that the SBS is down someone was asking for this info- I've posted what I think is the latest download )

Bitmap Converter (v1.2.0.0 BETA) is available to download!
Customize your Graphics for your S50!

Co-Written by Mike Rubin (me_rubin) and Jeff Russo (JRSweets)

New Features Version 1.2
  • Support for multiple Graphics Formats and Size Conversion – The source image now can be in jpg, bmp, GIF and PNG graphics formats. The image can be any size and will be sized to the proper size for channel icon, full S50 screen or wallpaper.
  • Better Error Checking – Better error checking for improper graphics formats by various versions of graphics software.
New Features Version 1.1
  • Updated GUI
  • More extensive error checking
  • S50 detection/ejection
  • Auto populate correct path and image file names to replace
  • Read channel list from device (allows program to automatically recognize new channels if they are added)
  • Added updated user guide to installation
Mike and I have both put a lot of work into this version and we hope that everyone enjoys it. If you have any questions about the program lets us know.
Updated 03/21/2006 v1.2.0.0 BETA
-Initial BETA release
Updated 03/04/2006 v1.11.0.0
-Program updated to fix initialization error
(Found by me_rubin)

Click here for Installation Setup Program
Click here for User Manual