Orbitcast Giveaway: Free Slacker Radio Plus subscriptions


Nov 11, 2008
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The folks over at Slacker Radio know that lots of Orbitcast readers are into their personal radio service. In fact, I've been told by Slacker that there's been a recent influx of Sirius XM listeners signing up.

I thought it would be a cool idea to put together a giveaway of the Slacker Radio Plus package to Orbitcast readers. I actually asked a lot of folks on Twitter ahead of time to gauge whether they would be into it, and the response was really encouraging.

So after several days of working with Slacker, we're ready to do a giveaway.

So here goes:
Slacker is offering up five free Slacker Radio Plus subscriptions for 3-months each. The only "rule" is that you need to already have an email configured for Slacker (i.e., you need to have an existing Slacker account), that way they can turn on the "Plus" package for you.

How are we going to select the 5 winners? Easy... at random!

But let's not just make this a random-comment contest, that's too boring. Instead, I'd love it if everyone could post your first memory of how you discovered Orbitcast. How did you find this blog? What got you hooked?

Five comments will be chosen at random. Deadline to comment is Monday at 12-am midnight ET.

Pretty cool, can't hurt to enter :)