Not sure what to make of this site. Maybe you can help.

Discussion in 'The Studio Lounge' started by out of control, Oct 30, 2008.

  1. Hi. I was not sure if I should have signed up for this site, or not. The title digital radio central got my attention. Then I noticed 50% of the site is dedicated to satellite radio. I am very much into the digital music of the internet mostly. So I thought this would be a cool site, but I could care less about satellite radio. Tried it in the past, and it pretty much sucked. Don't want to get into that. Is this the kind of place that has members that will be very defensive towards folks that are not here for satellite radio discussion ? I mean do you understand not everyone likes satellite radio, and may have different opinions. It seems like the sat talks slip into other unrelated forums sometimes. This site would be way more cool if the sat talk was not on it. I mean aren't there other web sites already that focus strictly on sat radio discussion ? Love to hear your variety of feedback ! Get a feel for your membership here. One thing I can promise is I don't beat around the bush, or sugar coat thoughts. So I just wanted to get right to the point of being unsure if others thought this site was suitable for me. Thanks
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  2. IdRatherBeSkiing

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    Welcome aboard. I think people are generall frendly here. While a lot of people did come here from a previous satrad forum, the idea of the site is to be able to discuss digital radio in all forms. There are specific sections for non-satrad. I suspect if more non-satrad people come aboard then the non-satrad section will expand.
  3. memebag

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    This site has forums specifically for internet radio. Go to those. If someone talks about satellite radio there, ignore them. Welcome to DRC.
  4. hank-the-dwarf

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    Former Satrad guy turned internet radio only here-welcome-there are forums for everyone here!
  5. MAJ Badmotherfarker

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    A lot of people here listen to pretty much everything. A lot of us however are from a sat rad site so it's a little skewed right now. As more people like you join up, that will change. Feel free to post about whatever audio you'd like.
  6. If it wasn't for this site here, I would have never tried Pandora, Slacker or which I tried for the first time this week. Everything can be a learning experience.
  7. TX WJ

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    Pick your poison, this site is about all kinds of delivery of music, news, talk and sports. I am not in an office, so I need something that I can listen to in the car. For me sateliite radio is the best answer, for now.
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  8. DoublEE

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    Since this site is fairly new I think DRC is still a work in progress and will evolve into whatever we want.

    The two things it has going for it:

    1. Many good and knowledgeable people came over here from Sirius Backstage. A forum is only as good as its membership.

    2. The guys running this place are top-notch. Sure, DAB's a little nuts, but MM and Taylor are solid. :rofl2:
  9. Thanks for all feedback. I think I will just stick to the non sat radio discussions. Chances are good you would like me less if I expressed my sat radio opinions. I do like a lot of the other forums below the sat radio area. I think as long as sat radio discussions don't bleed over into non sat radio forums I will be fine.
  10. DoublEE

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    All opinions are welcomed, whether you agree with others or not. Just try not to disagree with me in the future.:eek:
  11. mynameisjamie

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    Awesome. I know starting this site up Taylor wanted it to evolve into a place where people would talk about all kinds of radio; satellite and otherwise.
    I think there is tons of potential for this site to grow into everything Radio/Music. As DoublEE already said, a community of people came here from a Satellite radio site but all of us like radio/music/content delivery in general.

    Tell your friends!

    The End
  12. memebag

    memebag Top Brass, ADVP

    I don't care if I like you less.

    And you seem to be itching to share your opinions about satellite radio.
  13. IronJabroni

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    dude, you'll be fine.

    what could be so controversial about sat radio anyway? it's fine if you think it sucks for some reason. look around, you'll see loads of nonsense mixed in on various topics
  14. v1ru5

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    I'm glad this site is around, I can't take SBS anymore because it has slowed to a crawl.
  15. MM

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    This site was conceived from a few of us being concerned over the future of a Sirius only website that we belonged to, moderated, and gave a lot of our time to, etc...

    With some fresh ideas on the table, we decided to open up our admiration for all radio, rather it be from satellite, mp3, internet based, or where ever else one gets their music, talk, and sports.

    We wanted to have everyone involved with what we have here at DRC. That is why we have such a variety of forums, so that we are not segregating those who like only one type of radio, genre, sport, or technology.

    Go where you like on DRC, it's our place for everybody. Now, you can even ignore those sections you don't want so you don't have to read what others think.

    Thanks for joining us here and we hope that you enjoy what we have created.

    Please contact any of us by PM if you have any concerns or if there is something that we can do differently.

  16. Chob

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    Hell, people who subscribe complain about satellite radio so why can't you? :jj: But discussions often start to drift off topic, and all the mediums are starting to blend together so don't be too upset if people bring up satellite radio in other forums.
  17. No I can't say I am itching. I don't have a desire really to participate in sat talk. Maybe if I became a sub again, but I don't see that happening anytime soon. If that talk is mixed in some other forum topic it is possible I will though.

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