No More MOJO soon.


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Oct 13, 2008
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InDemand whom owns MOJO HD has announced that it is shutting down the channel by the end of the year. No more Friday night free Howard TV show anymore. I kind of liked MOJO, it is one of the best quality HD picture available. Most of the shows were of narrow interest but I liked Three Sheets and the movies they ran.
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Oct 11, 2008
i think it blows that there is so little ondemand hd in my area (s. FL) i love htv but it would be much nicer in hd. same with the rest of the pay channels. i tape shows like dexter and what not on the HD channel instead of watching them on demand in SD. it kinda sucks cause it take up a ton of space on my dvr that i otherwise could be saving.

but anyways...losing mojo wont be that big a deal to me. i watched it a few times but to be honest i dont even know if i still have it in my current hd lineup.



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Oct 15, 2008
Frederick, MD
Mojo needed more bikini shows. When my cable company was Adelphia, we got HDNet's "Bikini Destinations". What a great show to watch in high definition! You could see every grain of sand on the models' supple figures.

If Mojo would have aired such a program regularly, they would be making tons of money with advertising. It would remain on the air forever.

Sadly, Adelphia's owners were criminals stealing money from it. Comcast came in and took over, dropping HDNet completely.

Sorry, I realize that most of this post has nothing to do with Mojo going away, but when I saw they were dropping another HD channel, I had flashbacks. :D