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Discussion in 'SiriusXM Soundwave Cafe' started by TSS Taylor, Sep 1, 2009.

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    Cool. I just listened to my recording of the stern show today, and yeah, now that you mention it, there was no dropouts. Maybe it wasnt active this morning, but usually, I get about 5 minutes lost in the middle of the show, and then during the news, due to the sats switching. My antennea sits on a bookcase by a window inside at the moment, and as I write this, I moved it down further where it ususally gets no signal and it gets 2 bars still. Cool stuff.
  3. Vargas

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    Oh. This could be hot.

    My only question is why would they put up a new bird if they're only going to make XM radios?

    But, I hope the new sat makes everything better.
  4. TSS Taylor

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    They aren't only going to make XM radios. But for now they maybe focusing on them a bit more in comparison to SIRIUS Radios.
  5. HecticArt

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    Wonder what time they threw the switch? I had a half dozen 1/2 second dropouts through the day. They might have ended around 5:00 ish? I'll have to keep my eye on the signal strength meter.
  6. ctkatz

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    before i would get dropouts in the house (i have no indoor antenna and don't plan on getting one, i refuse to use the antenna headphone ear daggers, and we have wifi so i can use the stiletto's internet radio function) my connection isn't great, i still get one bar, however its now pretty much consistantly one bar. as long as i don't have teh reciever under something, i get a reception which is an improvement just in time for hockey season.
  7. IdRatherBeSkiing

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    No. I have been having tonnes and tonnes of reception issues the last couple of days. At around 10PM each night my signal goes bye bye. It happens again sometimes at 5AM. Other times I have 2 bars (normal for me). Did they remove one of their old sats? They may have just eliminated the portability part of the SL2 for me as I need a sat signal to record.

    ETA: I have no S window and no usable Sirius repeater nearby. I need the Sirius sat to get a signal.
  8. TSS Taylor

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    I don't know if they have been doing anything different with the other satellites. But I'd like to hear from a lot of people that know for sure if they have seen a difference. What you are seeing may be correct, just everytime signal is brought up there are people who have a broken or fading antenna that will claim it's the satellite and hard to tell.
  9. ProperModulation

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    I just checked and my sat signal at home is 100% and very consistent. Since I installed my home antenna and repeater (thanks TSS!) I have had good reception, but the SAT typically hovered around 80%. nice!
  10. tsave31

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    They are probably focusing on XM radios for now because that's where the demand is for the products....considering the current setup of the "Best of" packages. If MLB ever makes its way to the Best of XM, you will quickly see that shift.
  11. geosync

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    It makes sense since XM has all the baseball, far more college games, and the NBA now too. It's a better bargain if you don't need Howard or the NFL from the BOS. I'll have to move my silly Sirius antenna setup into the windowsill (which faces South) to see if the reception is better. Would be stoked if I could move the antenna off the side lawn, right in the mower's path. :bigthumbup:
  12. JoeTan

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    I keep my replay on all day long and usually have it on a 40min delay so I can skip the commercials.

    Well I usually lose the signal for about 45min every 12hrs or so and I can tell this by the delay running out. I dunno if it's the satellite or just good luck but for the past 2 weeks there's been ZERO drop outs. The delay never runs out on it's own and before the past couple weeks it's never done this. Always lose the signal as the sats change positions.

    I'm in Mass with heavy tree cover BTW.
  13. HecticArt

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    At work, I'm still getting almost no sat signal and (of course) the same 2/3 to full terrestrial signal.

    I'll have to check the car and house soon.

    (Note: My office cube has a window seat soaring an impressive 2 full stories above the thriving city canyon walls that are the mean streets of Toledo. I'm less than a block from the repeater [that I can see if I lay on my back look out my window] 20 stories above. So I have never really gotten sat signal from my window sill antenna.)
  14. JoeTan

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    have the satellite tracking sites updated thier maps to include this bird yet?
  15. Blitz71

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    I can defiantly see a difference. I have 3 bars almost constantly now with my outdoor antenna and Echo repeater. This afternoon I went through the drive through at the bank. My signal always goes out, but today it stayed at 2 bars. Also, when we usually pull in the garage in my wifes car, signal drops. Today I waited a little after we pulled in. It said acquiring signal for a few seconds then stayed at 1 bar.
  16. No improvement for me here in the Washington, DC area. I am using a Sirius OEM radio in a new car. I am still in the trial period. Based on the terrible rception I am getting there is NO WAY that I would ever activate a paid subscription on this radio. The drop outs are just too much. My daughter reports similar problems with her Sirius OEM car radio but she seems to be able to put up with it.

    For comparison, XM reception is almost amazingly great here.....probably due to a large number of repeaters. I can even get it in my basement, the local grocery store, some malls, & parking garages.
  17. limegrass69

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    I have not noticed any major improvement here in the NYC area.
  18. geosync

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    Brought my original Sirius home antenna in from sitting on the lawn, wire routed through the space where the window meets the wall, and through the screen. Wacky setup, but it worked. Window sill reception still nill, but moved it about three feet over, antenna facing the wall about an inch away, pointing south and a little east. It's pegged right at 6 out of 9 bars satellite, and 3 out of 9 bars terrestrial, which is about what I got normally on the lawn. I could get 9 out of 9 at certain times during the day with the lawn setup. I'll monitor all weekend, but in 40 minutes or so, I haven't had a single drop, where before I couldn't get any consistent signal for Sirius inside the house. I think if this keeps up, the Sirius sat signal is stronger than the XM signal, I rely on the ground repeaters for XM setup.
  19. hexagram

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    Here is the satellite footprint for the new Sirius satellite (it's located at 95.5° W)

  20. limegrass69

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    I'm surprised that there has not been a press release from Sirius on this yet.

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