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Discussion in 'Sirius Radios' started by TallGntlmn, Dec 16, 2008.

  1. TallGntlmn

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    Circuit City is closing in Atlanta. I just scored a Starmate 4 for $15. My sister wanted a satellite radio for Christmas. What's a big brother to do but get a good deal?

    So I bought this radio but they said it's already activated. I hooked it up to my antenna in the car and yes, it is. I guess more of an ethical question really. Should I call Sirius to find out how long they subscribed for? I don't know if it includes Howard or the adult channels. I don't think Lil' Sis will care. Would one think that CC subscribed by store or by company? What about if/when CC cancels it and Sirius shuts it down? Is it dead at that point or can she create an account with it. I figure I got a good deal and couldn't pass it up. Certainly cheaper than the $80 i would have spent going through either Sirius or XM. I'm just a bit concerned to the duration this thing might stay alive.

    No Howard channels or Playboy confirmed. Now this radio does have NHL and PGA Tour as well as Oprah. Those are things I don't have. I have a Sirius One. Is it a subscription thing or a capability thing?
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  2. Sirius Rich

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    Sounds like the radio was on the family friendly subscription.

    I had a similar experience with an already activated radio from Best Buy back in 2003. It took several phone calls to Sirius customer service, but I convinced them I did not pay for the subscription and wanted the sub in my name, paid for by my credit card. All I can say is, I sleep well at night.
  3. TheScionicMan

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    I'd just use it until it quits or you decide you need a channel its not showing. Most of the display units I've seen don't have Howard available. I wonder if there's some sort of promotional activation package they subscribe to?

    Tell her you'll "pay for the service for a while". When she comes and says it stopped working, tell her its her turn to pay... ;) Odds are good it will not stop.
  4. Grüpsaar

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    I also had a promo store unit, but it was much older, and had all channels. Still works to this day, got it 2 years ago.
  5. TallGntlmn

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    I hear ya there. I would gladly do this since SIRI needs all the money they can get. I was told by the guys at CC that it was already activated and they couldn't do anything about it. I bought it anyway figuring $15 for a $100 radio was a good deal.
    I've been thinking about this angle too. She wanted an XM XpressR. I was going to get her that one and then found the Starmate.

    I really doubt she is interested in Howard, Playboy, etc. She wanted the Mostly Music sub. I was surprised to see the NHL, PGA and Oprah. I don't get those on my Sirius One. I guess that could be because it's such an old radio. If I knew that Sirius-XM was going to be around long term, I'd go for a Sportster 5. The economy keeps me from upgrading right now.

    I do appreciate the input. Thanks guys.
  6. What are you suppose to do with one of those radios? I got one at a Circuit City that was closing. Will the unit permanently receive those channels or will the unit eventually be deactivated? I got mine 90% off so I was only paying $25 for a Pioneer Inno. Of course it only came with the USB cord. I already had another car charger for it and charged it a bit.

    Once I stuck the headphones in the headphone jack I noticed I could receive channels but very few. Like 20 on 20's, Sinatra, laugh USA, Radio Margaritaville. I can receive no more than about 10-15 channels. So what exactly is going with these radios that the retailers have in their stores such as display models.
  7. IdRatherBeSkiing

    IdRatherBeSkiing This space for rent

    If you are only receiving 10-15 channels, you are probably hearing the Sirius XM promotion on deactivated radios right now. The simple solution to your problem is to activate them.
  8. So what happens with the receiver? Will I still be able to hear these channels? or will they eventually go away. Is this some sort of Christmas promotion or what. Will the radio I bought from circuit city continue to receive those channels?
  9. IdRatherBeSkiing

    IdRatherBeSkiing This space for rent

    Its a time limited option. Eventually you will get nothing but the preview/emergency channel(s).
  10. jeff94

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    When I worked at Best Buy, I called Sirius' Dealer line and checked how many radios they showed were Demo Activations for our store.
    The rep said 12 SIDs were on the account, but we only had 4 on display.
    At least at that time (~2 years ago), they stayed Demos unless we called to request otherwise.

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