Need ideas for an install in an 03 impala.

Discussion in 'SiriusXM Install Bay' started by snakester, Dec 11, 2008.

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    Just got a '03 Impala and trying to figure out the best way to go about it. Since the radio in GM cars is basically the brain, my old aftermarket system isn't an option (not really minding the factory system either). The radio that's going in is going to be an XR9, can't seem to find the car kit for it so I'm ordering a new one next week. Not really enjoying my time with FM radio, as you can imagine :(. Couple of questions though...

    1. Do you think the FM mod of the XR9 is powerful enough to not have to have an FM direct installed? The antenna in this car is built into the rear glass.

    2. How difficult is the bottom half of the dash to drop? It looks like a major pain in the ass.

    3. Any good tap-in spots for an accessory outlet that don't involve removing the top half of the dash? I can deal with leaving my ashtray out but would prefer not to.

    4. What's the best place to hide the antenna wire? My old car had a center console which I routed the wire through, this thing has bench seats and no real places to hide stuff.

    FM's driving me NUTS. It's almost like they synchronize the commercials so there's nothing to listen to and you're stuck listening to ads. But I'd rather deal with FM than have a really sloppy install. The car's not wired for factory XM either, which is the way I'd prefer to do it, but I don't feel like getting raped by the dealer.
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  3. snakester

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    Thanks, I might look into that if the radio's FM mod isn't sufficient.
  4. phillyg8r

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    I just did my 03 impala

    Hey there! I used teh SIR GM1 bought it off ebay for 50 bucks, perfect setup, I also have my iPhone hooked up and total control through the headunit!!! ITs awesome, though you do have to remove the dash! Not has hard as it seems 7 total screws, then the 3 for the radio. I can walk you through it if you want.

  5. snakester

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    I appreciate the response, but I dropped my second XM sub when I found out about the price increase. It's good to hear it's a simple process though, I may put an Aux IN into it eventually.

    is taking the dash off as unwieldy as it looks? It looks like it's one giant piece you have to maneuver around as you work.
  6. phillyg8r

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    Oh that sucks that you dropped it. Oh well! taking the dash off is not as hard as it looks, its actually quite easy once you do! Do you have the shifter on the column or floor? If on the column its a little tougher but still easy.

    step 1. Remove both fuse panel covers driver, and passenger, one screw on each side to be removed.
    step 2. Driver side bottom panel 2 tabs to pull together, this is the black plastic piece all the way down, remove this no screws just the tabs, and a little lite buld twist it out.
    step 3 under the steering wheel panel, 2 screws near the floor, and onscrew to the left of the steering wheel pull straight out towards you to disengage the clips.
    Step 4, above the instrument panel 2 screws in the top remove those.
    step 5 gently pry the dash away, clipped all the way across be careful to pop each clip
    Tilt the steering wheel all the down....
    If shifter on column, Put in first gear with emergency brake on, take key off keychain!
    Then pull the dash off. un hook the 4 way switch the traction button and you are DONE!

    Sounds like a lot first time took me about 30 minutes now like 5.

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