Need a program to recover pictures from damaged memory card.


Oct 15, 2008
Southern California
I heard there's a free program that is available to recover pictures from damaged memory card. I heard it works most of the time. I just wondering what the program is called and where I can find it. Thanks!

Just in case you wondering what happen, during New Years Party, I accidentally fell in the pool with my camera and my cell phone. So I guess you can say I celebrate New Years with a SPLASH.

Now I need a new cell phone and new camera. I recovered about half the pictures from the memory card but I wasn't able to get the rest.


Power Pig, Hello!
Oct 12, 2008
This might be worth a try. Donationware, so keep that in mind if you use it and it works :)

PhotoRec - CGSecurity

I used the guy's TestDisk software just recently to salvage a lost partition map, and it worked wonderfully. Runs under most OS's out there today, too.