Multi-casting Decades and other like channels


Oct 15, 2008
Yes, we have been doing this for quite for sometime. It is funny because Sirius 2002 is like XM 2007. I was waaay too pro Sirius back in those days and now I want XM music and Sirius talk. Man, we had some great music back then. Do you guys remember the Trend, Bigrock, I-90 and Galaxy? I could listen to Sirius all day and never have fatigue. Then the radio suits came in and we now get FM without commercials or as I called it " Sirius- Satellite Radio that plays the songs I am paying for radio to get away from...

Anyway, good to see all the names and all the great people from SBS.


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Oct 14, 2008
Hey bigrock, welcome to DRC! It’s great to see another one of the original SBS members join in.

I remember when you and I would spar over the whole XM (me) vs SIRIUS (bigrock) debate back in 2002 during the infancy of satellite radio…I even got challenged by bigrock to a Car Audio Duel in Detroit! :cool:

But here in 2008, I can’t agree with you any more. It would truly be a shame if XM was gutted of its music philosophy. Although I have come to prefer SIRIUS over the years, there were still many times on XM I would hear those “WOW!!†songs you just don’t get on SIRIUS. If they would blend the musical philosophies of both services into one happy medium, basically combining the best of both, it would have potential. But that’s easy, and the satellite radio industry NEVER seems to take the route of common sense.

As much as I love Sirius and their music programming, it needs a shot in the arm. They should keep the Sirius people (no question on the Big 80s) but change the music slightly or take some requests for stuff other than mostly white male Top 10. Even their "Random Access" hour is predictable.


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Oct 27, 2008
I guess I'm in the minority here as an XM subscriber, but from what I can tell, the reaction is the same from both platforms. XMers want the music that they have come to know and love, and Sirius subs are looking for deeper playlists. Hopefully the higher-ups listen and we are all rewarded with the best possible channels.