Mounting Indoor/Outdoor Antenna?

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Jan 4, 2009
Southern Ontario
Has anyone else ever mounted that "indoor/outdoor" antenna (square black plastic one that tilts up and down) on the outside of their house? How did you go about attaching it?

My plan was to mount the antenna on a small block of wood then attach a magnet to wood, so that I could just stick it on the metal fascia. However I can't seem to find any screws with heads that fit into the four mounting holes; they're either too small or too big.

Plan B is to glue the antenna to the wood, but screws would be preferred.

Plan C is to buy a megnetic car antenna and try that, but then I can't angle it (and I'd rather save the $50)

I was also curious if anyone else has ever tried to put this antenna outside and how long did it last (it doesn't seem very rugged.) I know they sell a more rugged one with metal casing, but I'd rather use what I have until it breaks :)
Not open for further replies.