MLB games on SIRIUS this year?

Discussion in 'SiriusXM Soundwave Cafe' started by mcf57, Mar 26, 2009.

  1. mcf57

    mcf57 Member

    I recently got an e-mail that was titled the following:

    Hear YOUR MLB TEAM on XM and get 3 MONTHS FREE - order by 3/31!

    It said it was from SIRIUS too. Does this mean MLB games will be on SIRIUS this season via the Best of XM package? Or is it just a mass e-mail being sent out that really pertains to XM subscribers and is just from the company in general.

    The content of the actual e-mail is kind of misleading and confusing as to whether it is coming or not and can be taken either way. I already have the "Best of XM" package on one of my radios so just curious if they got it all straighten out for this season.
  2. Jleimer

    Jleimer Active Member

    I dont know what that means , but in all likely hood we have to get the Mirge to get Baseball on Sirius.
  3. ct_mike

    ct_mike New Member

    I got the email and clicked the link it provided. It takes you to the XM website. Probably need XM to get the games and not just Best of XM.

  4. lronglien

    lronglien Member

    MLB on Sirius

    There's still time for them to work this out. I guess we'll see...and it could be something that happens after the season starts.
  5. IdRatherBeSkiing

    IdRatherBeSkiing This space for rent

    The e-mail was pretty clear. If you want MLB, you must subscribe to XM.

    I don't hold out hope for agreement as Mel has also asked MLB to take less money. MLB did not take that suggestion kindly.
  6. vinnyv07

    vinnyv07 Member

    There really is no excuse that this hasn't been worked out over the off season. Sirius needs to have MLB games! It is a huge part of our culture. Bad move. Drop Martha and spend the cash on the MLB.
  7. bwaldron

    bwaldron Member

    MLB is the bad guy here, IMHO. They're already getting plenty of cash from SiriusXM, and should have allowed the games on Sirius via Best of XM without holding the company up for more.
  8. v1ru5

    v1ru5 Well-Known Member

  9. No. They're coming up completely empty.
  10. Ifandorbut

    Ifandorbut Well-Known Member

    Mutt from SFN has suggested canceling your Sirius account and buying an XM radio instead. That way you can listen to MLB and get Howard through the "Best of Sirius" packaging.

    Seems like a long way to go in order to hear baseball.
  11. Buy a new unit AND pump in another $4.04/month. Mel's an evil genius.
  12. wobbles

    wobbles New Member

    I actually called Sirius today regarding the MLB issue. I've been considering getting XM but then that would make either my Stiletto 2 or sportster 3 useless. I have no need for 3 radios and since my sportster 3 was professionally installed in my car, that means the Stiletto 2 would be the one to go.

    I also don't like the idea of opening up a seperate XM account. Anyway I called to inquire about the MIRGE and the customer service agent said that wasn't necessary because tomorrow they were going to add MLB on the best of XM. She told me she was not talking about MLB home plate but games. I told her I'd think about it and hung up.

    I was skeptical so I called and got someone else and asked them if they were going to offer MLB games and she said no, but they are working on it. So I'm just as confused as when I started. I wish Sirius customer service could get the story straight.
  13. Jleimer

    Jleimer Active Member

    Sirius CSR's usually bullshit about anything that occurs with the programming packages. Anyhow if I were you and I have a phone that has windows mobile I would get GDA on it 4.99 a month or a Iphone with GDA on the MLB At bat for 9.99 a season. I believe it when I see a press release or a schedule on
  14. MichaelC

    MichaelC Member

    I don't see anything at all on Sirius website. They don't even mention anything about the game Sunday night that'll be on Home Plate. If Sirius subs could hear that game (even through Best of XM) you have to think that they would have it splattered over the website...or on their live sports listings for Sunday. I have a sense while XM subs will be hearing that game on Home Plate tomorrow night, Sirius subs with Best of XM are going to be hearing something else on that channel. Call it a radio blackout, if you will.
  15. Jleimer

    Jleimer Active Member

    So true , but at least if you have the atbat app for the I phone or GDA on your I phone or the Mirge you can listen to the game. I saw that they will have games on Home Plate this season which sucks , but that gives people the chance to use the MLB Network for look ins during the games this year.
  16. JYJr

    JYJr Member

    My question is that the extra money that Sirius subscribers pay for the BOXM package - doesn't MLB (& NASCAR & NFL; etc.) get a piece of that or does all of that $$ go to SiriusXM? Even if they aren't passing along the $$$ to the leagues, you would think that MLB would want more people listening to their product so that ad rates could go up.
  17. wobbles

    wobbles New Member

    The bad part for Satellite radio is things like the I phone make MLB accessible for 10 bucks. I don't understand why Sirius just can't make this happen. I've thought about buying a MIRGE, but I can't see paying that much (229 + 59) simply for baseball. There's no other need to have it. Figure it out Sirius!

    Now I chose Sirius for the NFL and music selection but would love the MLB also. Obviously if the companies were separate, I wouldn't be pushing for this to happen but since they are one company, it shouldn't be this difficult.
  18. MichaelC

    MichaelC Member

    I believe the way it works is this (this is speculation on my part): After Sirius-XM's merger got approved, they approached MLB about re-negotiating a deal to include Sirius subs. Whatever rate MLB came up with for Home Plate only, Sirius probably realized they couldn't make enough of a profit to make it available to all Sirius subscribers (like ESPN Radio, Fox News Radio, etc.) it went to Best of a Sirius sub with Best of XM is essentially helping Sirius pay whatever it is to MLB for the right to have HomePlate available to Sirius subs, while keeping in mind the merged company is rightfully making a profit along the way.

    There must obviously be another rate MLB wants for the 9 million or Sirius subs to have access to the games, and the merged company must feel the profit margin isn't there, even if they make it available on Best of XM. MLB's stance is most likely along the lines of, "you're going to make money off of our games by making them available to 9 million Sirius subscribers....we feel you'll get 'X' amount of Sirius subs to take the Best of XM package because of us, and we want to be paid $3 each for everyone of those subs". While the merged company's stance is probably one of they won't be able to sell that many as many Best of XM subs as what MLB thinks they will.

    And I think the merged company is afraid if they give into whatever demands MLB wants, that's going to set a precedence where the other leagues will seek similar demands, which would only lead to increased rates for the subscriber....which the merged company probably wants to avoid at all costs.

    As far as ad rates, MLB could probably careless....because it's doubtful MLB is responsible for selling the advertising time, whether it's XM's inventory or the inventory of the flagship radio station that's making the game available to XM.
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  19. IdRatherBeSkiing

    IdRatherBeSkiing This space for rent

    Yes they are working on it as in Mel hasn't told Bud Selig to go fuck himself yet. But I don't see any resolution from MLB so I don't see MLB on Sirius anytime soon.
  20. vinnyv07

    vinnyv07 Member

    Sirius needs to make this work. MLB would sell their grandparents for $$$. MLB is available on every cable and sat provider for all to see. GET THIS DONE SIRIUS!!! If you do count me in.

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