Mel Karmazin interview with Fortune magazine


Dec 1, 2008
I think this shows how out of touch good ol mel is................

Within a few years Sirius XM won't just be profitable, Karmazin insists, "but very profitable." In an SEC filing from last December, Sirius XM said it expected operating earnings to rise from $300 million this year to $1.3 billion in 2012. (Wow!) Asked about that guidance, Karmazin says, "Nothing has changed." After our interview, however, Sirius XM announced that it is suspending guidance beyond 2009, citing the weak economy and cratering new-car sales.


Still, he's dubious that computer-generated song playlists can compete with Howard Stern or Bob Dylan. "I'm starting at a premise that says radio is not just recorded music - radio is discovery of new music," he says. "Some people would like to be able to hear songs they haven't heard before and that are not on their iPod. Some want to listen to CNN or Howard Stern, and not just to music. That's why we have a laserlike focus on getting content - because we think that content is what wins."

What content Mel? You have cut content specific channels and shrunk playlists.