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Oct 11, 2008
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McDonald’s to cut 8 menu items, examine ingredients | Fox News

McDonald’s is planning to trim its menu, review its cooking methods and maybe even get rid of some of the ingredients it uses to change perceptions that it serves junk food.

CEO Don Thompson sought to reassure investors Wednesday that such changes will help strengthen the chain’s appeal as it fights to hold onto customers. The discussion in Oak Brook, Illinois, came after the company earlier this week reported yet another monthly decline in U.S. sales. It said the figure fell 4.6 percent at established locations in November.

Thompson has conceded McDonald’s Corp. has failed to keep up with changing tastes. One of the problems is that people are increasingly moving toward foods they feel are fresh or wholesome, and the image of fast-food burgers and fries doesn’t exactly fit that bill.

Among the changes Thompson and McDonald’s USA president Mike Andres touched on were ingredients and how food is prepared and delivered.

Here’s a look at what’s in store:



In just the past decade, McDonald’s has added 100 items to its menu, said Andres, who stepped into his role in October. While that has driven up sales, it also complicated the menu and made it harder for people to quickly decide what they want.

So starting next month, he said McDonald’s will cut eight items from the menu and reduce the number of Extra Value Meals from 16 to 11. Thompson and Andres didn’t say exactly what will get the axe, but favorites like the Big Mac likely won’t disappear anytime soon.

Instead, Andres suggested McDonald’s is looking at reducing the variations on particular items.

A representative for McDonald’s said the company is testing a simplified menu that offers one Quarter Pounder with Cheese instead of four; one Premium Chicken sandwich instead of three; and one Snack Wrap instead of three.

Earlier, McDonald’s has also said the Bacon Clubhouse burger — a premium offering introduced just this year— could be taken off the national menu.


McDonald’s is trying to improve the image of its food, especially as people examine labels for artificial ingredients they’re not familiar with, and therefore find unappealing.

Andres said McDonald’s is looking at different cooking and holding procedures to enhance the appeal of its core items, as well as shrinking the number of ingredients it uses. He noted McDonald’s restaurants go through supplies quickly, meaning it may be a relatively easy task.

“Why do we need to have preservatives in our food?” he asked. “We probably don’t.”

McDonald’s also recently launched a marketing campaign that addressed common questions about its food, such as whether the beef has worms (the company’s answer: “No. Gross! End of story.”).


The company is also making a big push behind a “Create Your Taste” program that lets people pick the buns, cheeses and topping for their burgers. McDonald’s says that will be in 2,000 of its more than 14,000 U.S. locations next year.

The rollout is seen as a response to the growing popularity of places like Chipotle, which lets people customize their orders by walking down a line and saying what they want on their bowls and burritos.

At McDonald’s, offering such customization may not be that easy; the company has noted that “complicated” orders for “Create Your Taste” could take five to seven minutes, compared with just a couple of minutes for regular items.

Still, Thompson noted Wednesday that people who come to eat made-to-order burgers at the restaurant have a little more time on their hands and are willing to wait longer.

He also noted the “Create Your Taste” program is not just a test, but a program that’s in the process of being implemented.


Oct 11, 2008
Koop's Basement
McDonald’s reveals menu items on the chopping block | Fox News

Last week McDonald’s announced it would be cutting eight menu items and revamping its menu.

So which of your favorites may be getting the axe?

The burger chain has revealed products likely be scaled back in 2015 are the Quarter Pounder with Cheese, Premium Chicken Sandwich and Snack Wrap.

For Quarter Pounder burgers, current offerings will be scaled back from four to one type; Premium Chicken and Snack Wraps will both be cut from three offerings down to one, Lisa McComb, a spokeswoman for McDonald’s told USA Today. These cuts are currently being enacted at several chain locations in "key markets" around the country including Delaware, Little Rock, Arkansas, Waco, Texas, and Knoxville, Tennessee.

"The tests are designed to determine what works and what doesn't within our restaurants by considering the operational experience, customer response, price points and other important information which may inform future decisions," McComb told USA Today.

Although McDonald’s is rolling out a customizable "Create Your Taste" burger menu, the move to strike several items from its 100-plus item roster is seen as an effort to simplify its menu. The fast food chain will also cut five Extra Value Meal offerings, from 16 to just 11 starting in January of 2015.

As the fast food chain tries to be more health conscious, it also announced that it plans eliminate certain ingredients—likely preservatives or artificial additives—from its food.

Despite these changes, some food analysts believe it is not enough to turn around McDonald’s lagging sales.

"It's a drop in the bucket compared to what they need to do," Richard Adams, owner of Franchise Equity Group, told USA Today. According to Adams, many items that sell poorly remain on the menu for "politically correct" reasons and the chain should be getting rid of at least a third of its menu.

Even as it plans to pare down, McDonald’s will continue to innovate with new products. One item brought up by McComb is the Fresh Baked Muffin being tested at breakfast time in Michigan stores. They are just $1.49 but take a long time to bake—making them a troublesome addition to franchisees looking to further simplify.

Over the past 10 years, McDonald’s has added about 100 items to its menu—arguably making it too complex for customers.


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Oct 11, 2008
fun koop mcdonalds fact: ive eaten there a million times but i have never in my life had a filet o fish or big mac. im a dollar menu or quarter pounder guy all the way. if im feeling crazy i may go for some nuggets.


Oct 19, 2008
Toledo, Ohio
It'll be healthier because they will be printing the menu on paper, and letting people eat that instead of the food.

I'm still getting us some fish sandwiches Casual. No worries.

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Cheeseburger Connoisseur
Oct 11, 2008
In-n-Out. 3 burger items on the menu.

McDonald's. Lots of burger options on the menu.

Less is more.
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