Maybe someone can explain this to me...


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Oct 15, 2008
I can get

-Sirius a la Carte gold: $14.99/month
Create your own personalized package of 100 channels. Choose from the full SIRIUS lineup, plus some of the hottest channels from XM. There are no extra charges for Premium channels, Howard Stern or live games and races from the NFL, NASCAR, college sports and more.

• Requires an A La Carte-capable SIRIUS radio
• This package does not include online listening with SIRIUS Internet Radio
• For complete package details and a list of channels available, click here

-Sirius Everything: 12.95/month (soon to be more) :rolleyes:
Get everything SIRIUS has to offer. Over 130 channels, including 100% commercial-free music, plus all of SIRIUS' sports, news, talk and entertainment.

• Eligible for Premium SIRIUS Internet Radio Online upgrade (128k) for an additional $2.99/month*
• Additional savings on annual subscription plans
• Eligible for discounts on additional subscriptions
• See complete channel list

So if I pay $2 more per month for the a la carte I get:
-30 less channels
-no online listening
-and I need a a la carte capable radio.

WTF would anybody do that?

Question #2:
Why can you no longer purchase a years subscription, and get a month free? You have purchase 2 years worth.

Question #3
When is howard's contract up?


Oct 12, 2008
New York
Answer #1...They did it because they told the FCC that they would. They did not have to say that it would be a good deal. I really don't think the a la carte packages are all that good in terms of value. I guess you can't get the streaming with a la carte since they probably can't turn on/off individual channels that you are subscribed to.

Answer #2...They want you to lock in for a longer term.

Answer #3...End of 2010, I believe.


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Oct 21, 2008
1) The whole point of the a la carte is that there may be people out there who would subscribe, but they don't want to feel like they're paying for content they don't want to receive. Obviously, the "Everything" package is the best deal.

3) Howard's last contracted day is December 31st, 2010. I'm guessing the last LIVE day will be the 16th.
December 2010

If they continue the History of Howard, i'm guessing
December 2009 - KROCK, Private Parts, Fights against the FCC and Clear Channel (or maybe the 1990-1999)
December 2010 - Stuff from SIRIUS??? Maybe do everything from (2000-2010?)


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Oct 21, 2008
I hear that for the entire year of 2010 they're just going to replay 2006. :whistle:

Of course, he was on fire then. A lot of "f Clear Channel" mentions, Howard staying past 10:45 AM rather frequently...

And then they'll bitch in 2011 if he retires, despite the fact that they wanted him to retire for the past 10 years.

Life's a bee-yotch, isn't it?