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    LOL, twist them up tight Oren! hehehe

    I just want to say by saying what I did, I am certainly not passing judgement on anyone. In the grand scheme of things looking at marijuana vs many other drugs out there. It is pretty darn tame, but habitual users and those that use daily generally do have a great impairment in their lives that they simply can't see.

    I do believe there are social marijuana users, just like there are social drinkers. Not everyone that drinks is an alcoholic and not everyone that uses marijuana is an addict. So, just to clarify if I said that or gave that impression to Davis then clearly that is not the case. My concern is when one starts thinking it makes them a better person, a better employee, a better father ect, then I have to take issue with that. Using it for fun, that is something totally different.
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    No offense to Davis but since his avatar is so mezmorizing, does this image freak anyone out while stoned?
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    Legalize the weed and I'll say think heavens

    I''ve seen both sides. A good friend that owns the 2nd largest land clearing company in his state smokes almost 24/7. He did poorly in school because of what we'd probably call ADHD today. I know a few others like a karate instructor and computer programmer that say it helps them concentrate to pinpoint accuracy. I dated a girl in a band that could smoke, sit behind a drum set, put on headphones playing a CD and play anything she heard instantaneously.

    On the other hand my best friend in college went downhill after he started smoking. His father was a paranoid schizophrenic. My friend exhbited the same disease but kept it under wraps. After he started growing and smoking he basically gave up. Would only talk in whispers and wouldn't leave the house. Haven't talked to him in two years because I want to remember him like we were young.

    I think blaming an external stimulus for lifes problems is a fatal mistake. Most people have an underlying disorder that manifests itself at a certain period in life. They may find comfort by watching TV 24/7 or eating all day, or drinking and smoking. But rarely if the disorder isn't inherent external stimuli won't cause it to magically develop. In many cases the "drug" is useful in coping with the disorder. That's what the drugs Paxil, Zoloft, Wellbutrin, Prozac, Lexapro, Celexa, etc. are for. In my opinion some of the most dangerous drugs ever pushed on human beings.
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    It shouldn't be LEGAL but it should be decriminalized.

    Just cause there's alcoholics doesn't mean drinking is bad as goes for anything that can be abused.

    For instance, if you go into walmart and buy WHITE OUT, you will be carded. Why? PEOPLE ARE HUFFING THE WHITE OUT!!!!

    People with addictive personalities will find ANYTHING and EVERYTHING to get addicted to. Doesn't matter.

    With weed smokers, there are the burnouts and the intelectual smokers.

    Intelectual smokers might be the most down to earth thinkers on the planet and they shouldn't have to suffer for the sins of their burn out counterparts.
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    Weed can be considered one of the BEST TREATMENTS for ADD or ADHD ever.

    The problem with ADD and ADHD is that you can't organize your thoughts and your brain can't SHUT THE HELL UP long enough for you to complete a thought.

    On weed, your brain is COMPLETELY SILENT. For someone that doesn't have a chatter brain this could bring on "the tweaks" cause it's TOO quiet.

    Not for the scatterbrain. It's just right.
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    "Drugs are bad because if you do drugs, you're a hippie. And hippies suck." :jj:

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