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    All you need to know, Bud Adams screwed the city of Houston. Absolutely stabbed all of us Oiler fans in the back. And what made it worse, he wouldn't give up the rights to the Oilers nickname and colors, so we couldn't rename our expansion franchise the Oilers (like what Cleveland did with the Browns after the original team left for Baltimore). It kills me that when I search for "Houston Oilers" at Wikipedia, I'm taken directly to the Tennessee Titan page. :mad:

    No, I think it's safe to say I'll never be a Titan fan, not as long as Bud Adams still owns the team.
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    Yea, I understand. I don't know why he wouldn't at least give up the name, the Tennessee Oilers never made much sense (I don't think there is a drop of oil in the whole state). Wonder if Tennessee would of got the Texans franchise had the Oilers not moved. (obviously not named the Texans).

    I do think the Texans ownership are doing what they can to put together a winner. Just had some bad breaks and draft busts. I really feel pity for Lions and Raiders fans. Dallas may suffer the same fate as Oakland, the older, crazier, and more panicked Jerry Jones gets.
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    Maybe so - coulda been the Tennessee Tennesseeans (is Tennesseean the right word? :confused:)
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    blyons200 These pretzels are making me thirsty.

    I believe so, I think that's the papers name, the Nashville Tenneseean, or something like that, maybe the spelling is off. I like the Titans better.
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    I'm a longtime Colts fan, and this whole season is starting to remind me of 2001. That's the only season since Manning's rookie year that they missed the playoffs. Harrison has actually looked better than I expected this year, but the O-Line has been banged up and the defense hasn't performed up to expectations, but they've had a lot of injuries there too. If the O-line starts playing better, the Colts will be fine. Manning hasn't had the time to throw he's had in past seasons.

    Oh well, anything is better than some of the crap teams I've had to root for pre-Manning.

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