Mambo Cologne....

Discussion in 'Howard Stern' started by starmate, Oct 30, 2008.

  1. starmate

    starmate Member

    #1 on Google trends as of now. That is so funny, It had me cracking up:rofl2:

  2. Ifandorbut

    Ifandorbut Well-Known Member

    Coming in at #26, the Steve Harvey Morning Show.:eek:
  3. jef

    jef Power Pig, Hello!

    I'm more worried about #13!
  4. AJ_II

    AJ_II Well-Known Member

    Arizona State came in at 30 and 38. I wonder what's going on in Phoenix?
  5. kingchuck69

    kingchuck69 Joker! Joker! Joker!

    Mambo Cologne: "Let's Fuck Some Whores!"
  6. sjb4

    sjb4 Member

    Have you even been there? Hottest co-eds ever. My buddy lives out there and make sit a point to jog on the campus for the scenery.
  7. Ifandorbut

    Ifandorbut Well-Known Member

    I have been out there and I can second that statement. Some of the most smokin' hot chicks you will ever see. I saw a girl at a D'Backs game that I could not take my eyes off once I saw her. Perhaps the most beautiful girl I have ever seen.
  8. k9feces

    k9feces Member

    Free Beer and Hotwings were talking about the Roman Aqueduct Museum
  9. Chrissyb

    Chrissyb Active Member

    So while I was at the mall this weekend I went into "Perfumania" (or something like that) and found Mambo for $27.95 for a bottle.. smelt it.. IT WAS GROSS!!

    totally an "old guy" smell.. the sales guy was trying to get me to buy it.. I think he was shocked that I even knew it existed.
  10. Jgatie

    Jgatie Banned

    Hey . . . strippers really dig it . . . and regular chicks too!! :heat:
  11. Chance00

    Chance00 Member

    the whole thing reminded me of this...

    [ame=]YouTube - Sex Panther[/ame]
  12. AJ_II

    AJ_II Well-Known Member

    Never been, but I've heard things. Graduated from Texas Tech, and the trim on that campus I'll put right up there with anyone.
  13. TheScionicMan

    TheScionicMan Last non-Hating Stern Fan

    It reminded me of how Sam Malone on Cheers would douse himself with some nasty cologne like that

  14. ProperModulation

    ProperModulation Green Type of Tube

    well, it gets great reviews:

    I was originally recommended Mambo cologne by a friend claiming it works wonders on women. I did not believe him until I wore it on a night out to Manhattan. Women swarmed around me on the subway car, and when I was waiting for a transfer at a subway station they decided to stand around me. Even in the mornings going to work when I wear this, women on the subway bother me. If you want women to take serious note of you, wear this. If you're really trying to impress, wear Mambo along with Hanae Mori. It is such an irresistible combination, they can't not notice you. Mambo is very noticeable so two squirts would do.
    Written by talat
  15. kingchuck69

    kingchuck69 Joker! Joker! Joker!

    I went to my local mall tonight, and NONE of the stores carry it. Macy's used to have it, though.

    There's another mall in Grand Rapids that has a Perfumania, and they might have it.
  16. sjb4

    sjb4 Member

    Riiiiight... :yesshake:
  17. MerchantMilan

    MerchantMilan New Member

    Hahahaha...this is worse than when the raccoon got in the copier!
  18. IronJabroni

    IronJabroni Well-Known Member the #2 cologne on!

    [ame=] Health & Personal Care Bestsellers: The most popular items in Cologne. Updated hourly.[/ame]
  19. Jgatie

    Jgatie Banned

  20. IronJabroni

    IronJabroni Well-Known Member

    Yeah, Ronnie's got some stroke in the fragrance market

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