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Discussion in 'SiriusXM Sports' started by Ifandorbut, Oct 14, 2008.

  1. Jleimer

    Jleimer Active Member

    That should be cool , and do you know if anyone else is joining Mad Dog's station besides those two.
  2. AJ_II

    AJ_II Well-Known Member

    As of right now, I'm pretty sure this is the only other show planned for Mad Dog Radio.
  3. Jleimer

    Jleimer Active Member

    You can add the Gresh Show debuting tomorrow.
  4. AJ_II

    AJ_II Well-Known Member

    Cool, that's news to you know what time this show will be airing?
  5. Jleimer

    Jleimer Active Member

  6. AJ_II

    AJ_II Well-Known Member

    Just a quick breakdown of Mad Dog Radio's new schedule for anyone interested (all times eastern, Monday-Friday)...

    10am-2pm - The 'B' Team w/ Bruce Murray & Bill Pidto

    2pm-7pm - Mad Dog Unleashed w/ Chris Russo

    7pm-8pm - The Dog House w/ varying hosts.

    8pm-1am - The Gresh Show w/ Andy Gresh

    Overnight - Overtime w/ Larry Krueger

    Sirius' Mad Dog Radio schedule can be found here - SIRIUS Satellite Radio - Mad Dog Radio ? Chris 'Mad Dog' Russo on Sirius Satellite Radio
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  7. Smok44

    Smok44 Member

    I would listen to Mad Dog over that fatass old partner of his anyday. I'll give it to them that they worked well together but you knew back then that Mad Dog drove that show. Fatass Mike is a know everything blow hard. I've talked to a lot of old WFAN listeners and no one has said they still listen to the fatass bore anymore.
  8. AJ_II

    AJ_II Well-Known Member

    I heard a commercial on Mad Dog today that said starting next week, there will be another new show on the channel, this one being during the overnight shift starting directly after The Gresh Show. I forget the name of the host though.

    EDIT: I just heard the name of the overnight show will be Overtime with Larry Krueger. He'll be based out of Los Angeles, but he'll be doing his first two shows from New York.
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  9. AJ_II

    AJ_II Well-Known Member

    Out of all the shows on Mad Dog Radio, I think The B-Team is actually my favorite, and that includes Russo's show. I've been a little disappointed with Russo ever since baseball ended...without the high amount of guests he has on every day, I don't know how he'd be able to get through the show. His NFL knowledge is adequate, he knows very little about the NBA, and next-to-nothing about college basketball. Once the Super Bowl is over, I think he's going to really struggle. Baseball can't come soon enough for him, I'm sure.

    Bruce Murray and Bill Pidto, however, can really carry a show. I only get to hear maybe half of their show each day, but they do a great job. Haven't been able to hear much of Gresh at nights and Larry Krueger overnights I don't listen to at all.
  10. Ifandorbut

    Ifandorbut Well-Known Member

    Are you sure that Chris' feelings on Biggio and the Hall of Fame aren't coloring your feelings just a little bit?
  11. AJ_II

    AJ_II Well-Known Member

    Nah, he made some good points (and some bad ones) about Biggio. I think it's fair to say he was a "stat compiler" since he played as long as he did. But during his peak for 5-8 years there, he was the best 2nd baseman in the league when you take into account everything he did.

    Russo's allegiance to Kent is pretty transparent.

    Packie, what are your opinions on Larry Krueger? I haven't been able to listen to him because I'm sleeping while he's on, but I know he's from your part of the world so you must be familiar with him. Reading through his entry on Wikipedia, I see he was fired from KNBR in San Francisco?
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  12. Ifandorbut

    Ifandorbut Well-Known Member

    I thought Russo made good points on both counts. To me Biggio was a lot like Brett Butler, but with some power to take you deep more often. He would do whatever it takes to get on base, like leaning into a pitch or working a count. As someone who watched him play, the leaning into a pitch or not moving away fast enough on the slow curve would drive me crazy, but he was trying to get on base for the big bats...his heart, along with his left arm, was in the right place.

    Kent was a free swinger that eventually became a very smart hitter. I liked his progress at the plate and in the field. I loved his intensity. I wish he and Bonds could have coexisted, the Giants really gelled as a team the years he was there.

    Krueger was fired for his comments about Felipe Alou and Pedro Feliz. Krueger lumped a lot of the Latin players together, but the arrow point of his rant was dedicated to Pedro and Felipe. He called Felipe a manager with the brain equivalent of Cream of Wheat. His take on Feliz was that he swung at everything all of the time and that his head was clearly not in the game. KNBR(the Giants flagship station)was never really cool with Krueger being so critical, but they took their lumps, as they always had, but when word got back to Felipe about what was said, Felipe put in a call to the higher brass with the Giants and with the GM at KNBR and Krueger was fired.

    I didn't always agree with Larry, but I liked that he truly gave a crap. He was replaced by Damon Bruce(who once filled in for Chris earlier at Sirius). I haven't heard Krueger in a while, but he loves his sports, and hopefully he still loves his Giants. I didn't realize he was on Sirius.

    I have a sneaking suspicion that Chris will be talking about the Giants a lot this year.
  13. AJ_II

    AJ_II Well-Known Member

    Yeah, I mean say what you will about Biggio and Kent, but I think it's safe to say both will be getting into the Hall of Fame. But a guy called into, I think it was Russo's show today, and said something I completely agree with. They need to build another building or another wing at the Hall of Fame for guys like Ruth, Aaron, Koufax, Nolan Ryan, Mays, etc. They are the true immortals of baseball.

    Krueger sounds like an interesting guy...gotta love a sports radio host who's not afraid to be brutally honest. Too bad I'll probably never hear him though. He's hosting "Overtime with Larry Krueger" during the overnight shift...1 am-6 am eastern time I believe.
  14. AJ_II

    AJ_II Well-Known Member

    Al Michaels is on with Mad Dog right now. This guy sure does love the sound of his own voice. Here I thought Baba Booey was annoying telling stories. Michaels has interesting things to say, but I just can't take him. I don't get the allure with him. Give me Bob Costas any day over him.
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  15. Jleimer

    Jleimer Active Member

    Also I think Michaels is a huge gambler , just follow him on a telecast and youll know he has money on the games he is calling.
  16. joe2k4

    joe2k4 Member

    Larry Krueger is great I actually think now he has the best over night show. FSR fired the third shift which used to be my fav show, and I can't stand Jason Smith, so I gave Larry Krueger a chance and love him. I am really enjoying MDR.
  17. AJ_II

    AJ_II Well-Known Member

    Has anyone heard this new show with Gary Williams called "The First Word"? If so, is it any good? It's on from 6-10 am eastern.

    With the addition of this show, MDR has on original content 24 hours a day now from Monday-Friday.
  18. Ifandorbut

    Ifandorbut Well-Known Member

    I thought Chris' segment on the Stern show this week was pretty solid. No Artie to stop the momentum, just and Howard talking.
  19. AJ_II

    AJ_II Well-Known Member

    Yeah I thought he was really good on Howard yesterday. He even let a few expletives fly.

    He just had a nice little spot on Letterman. Of course, all they talked about was A-Rod and a little bit about the Joe Torre book. But at the end when it came time to give the plug, Chris said to tune into Mad Dog Radio, but he didn't say SiriusXM! I missed the beginning of the interview, so maybe he or Letterman mentioned it then.

    If Chris didn't like sports so much, I might think he's a little fruity after watching that. A lot of questionable mannerisms from Mad Dog.
  20. Ifandorbut

    Ifandorbut Well-Known Member

    To me he was just a dorkier version of early Jerry Lewis. More Geisha Boy than Gay boy.

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