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  1. ClubSteeler

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    Unique to XM:
    The Bridge? This is probably coming back to Sirius too, but not in the channel list
    Top 20 on 20
    The Village
    The Groove
    The Verge
    Air Musique
    sui' la route
    Rock at Random
    ESPN Xtra
    Fox Sports
    Indy Car
    PGA Tour
    XM deportivo
    NHL Home Ice
    XM Public Radio
    Fox Business
    Extreme Talk
    America's Talk
    Reach MD
    TALK Radio
    America Right
    America Left
    the power
    Radio Parallele
    Canada 360
    Qui de Neuf
    Open Road
    Christian Talk
    Laugh Attack
    Nation Lampoons
    The Virus

    Unique to Sirius:
    Sirius Hits 1
    CBC 3
    Rock Velours
    Holiday Pops
    Bing Crosby Christmas
    ESPN All Access
    Sirius Sports Central
    NFL Radio
    Sporting News Radio
    Nascar Radio
    ESPN Deportes
    Sports Extra
    Sports Express 97
    Hardcore Sports
    Howard 100
    Howard 101
    Sirius XM Stars Too
    Road Dog
    npr talk
    CBC 1
    Sirius Patriot
    Sirius Left
    Premiere plus
    Family Net
    Canada Weather
    The Weather Channel
  2. ClubSteeler

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    If you throw away all of the Similar channels such as America Right and Patriot.
    Toss the religious channels.
    And toss out the weather stuff.
    And toss out the foreign channels
    And throw away the stuff available in the Best Of packages
    And toss the seasonal channels

    Here are the only unique channels:
    Sirius: Sirius Hits 1, Sporting News, OutQ

    XM: Top 20 on 20, The Village, The Groove, The Verge, Kiss, Mix, Pink, Rock at Random, Fox Sports, Indy Car, PGA, Fox business, the power, Laugh Attack, National Lampoons

    Once again, XM wins out..
  3. hexagram

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    It's all here:

    5 of those channels are commercial channels. The Verge is Canadian music... and if you factor out the sports channels, then you would take out Fox Sports, Indy Car, and PGA (which is available on Best of XM).

    That leaves you with Top 20 on 20, The Village, The Groove, Fox Business, The Power (which is an African-American talk channel), Laugh Attack, and National Lampoon Radio. That's only 7 unique channels (6 if you factor out "The Power").
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  4. flap_jackson

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    And we XM fans were the ones think we were going to get screwed. I'd hate to be a Sirius subscriber right now! :nana:
  5. Allanon

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    Actually, if you're interested in Canadian (yes "foreign") news, society and culture, Sirius has CBC and Radio-Canada. For me, as a Canadian, this is an important difference.
  6. Thor

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    Hanukkah, Holiday Pops, Bing Crosby Christmas will be on XM. Also, The Verge is Canadian.

    If you're going to throw out stuff, you should toss the CC channels (Nashville, Kiss, Mix, Pink, Rock at Random, Extreme, Reach MD, National Lampoon, Talk Radio, WLW) since XM is obligated to carry those, and Sirius wouldn't carry them if they wanted to.
  7. Thor

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    Oh, and the Bridge is not unique to XM. It is a Sirius channel that is pre-empted by Led Zeppelin.

    NPR Now is on XM.

    Oprah, XMPR, PGA Tour and NHL Home Ice are Best of XM. NFL, Nascar, Howard 100 and 101, Martha, Playboy are Best of Sirius (i.e. premium).

    The list narrows . . .

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