Late Night TV Getting Sat Radio Stars June 8th-June 12th

Discussion in 'Howard Stern' started by Ifandorbut, Jun 5, 2009.

  1. Ifandorbut

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    Yes, Howard will be making his almost yearly visit to the David Letterman show Monday, June 8th.

    Artie Lange will be going to the West Coast to visit with Jimmy Kimmel on Thursday, June 11th. Coincidentally David Sedaris will follow Artie on Jimmy's show the week after on June 16th.

    Stern favorite Norm MacDonald will go head to head against his friend Artie Lange when he visits with Conan on Thursday, June 11th.

    Opie and Anthony will follow Betty White's first segment when they do Jimmy Fallon's show on Thursday, June 11th.

    Buy the way Avuncular...Larry David is going to be on Conan's show June 16th.
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    God damn TV Guide up in this biznatch.
  3. kryptonite

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    Interesting conspiracy here:

    CBS takes Howard, so a rival network takes a rival radio show a few days later.

    Will Artie be in on Thursday?

    Dave Letterman knows about "Evil Dave", doesn't he? It would be interesting to have "Evil Dave" pay a surprise visit.
  4. AJ_II

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    Looks like he will be on along with Lauren Conrad! Hopefully Conan does the right thing and has LD out before her.
  5. kryptonite

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    You don't want to see Lauren Conrad? :confused:
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  6. kryptonite

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    Big day on Thursday:
    Jimmy K - Artie Lange
    Conan - Norm MacDonald
    Jimmy Fallon - Betty White, O&A

    There is a basketball game scheduled for Thursday night. It is quite possible that the game will run long. In this case, look for Jimmy to start later than the current scheduled time of 1:36 AM ET.
  7. Ifandorbut

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