Kevin Kostner called Dale The "TERMINAT0R"??

Discussion in 'NASCAR' started by bamm24, Dec 6, 2008.

  1. bamm24

    bamm24 New Member

    :bigclap: Just what we need....More Hollywood types!! Also in the news..Cole Trickle was at the awards with Jeff Gordon and Bride~:flowers:~

    By the way I know "Costner" is spelled this's payback
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  2. antsie

    antsie Well-Known Member

    I couldn't believe he called him that, then again, I still don't understand why he was on stage in the first place.

    And they kept showing Tom Cruise, who cares? What has he done for NASCAR? Made a movie? Big deal.

    NASCAR should start catering more to the fans not to the Hollywood types. The fans are the ones who support NASCAR, buy the merchandise, support the sponsors, buy the tickets, sit in the stands. I get so sick of them parading Hollywood folks out and rolling out the red carpet for them. They are only there for the "freebies" and to promote their upcoming movie, CD or book. Grab some fans from the seats and give them the royal treatment in to the NASCAR world for a race weekend. At least the fans would appreciate it and it would be something they would cherish and never forget.
    Hollywood probably forgets it as soon as the race is over and they are off to promote themselves at the next stop.
  3. Snafam

    Snafam Member

    I would not have been so upset, if Costner had seemed prepared for his speech. He flubbed many things, in addition to "The Terminator" comment.

    And Poole was on earlier today, ranting that ESPN claimed that was a live program when it was actually tape delayed. I watched it and had my Sirius headphones closeby so that I could hear the radio commentary. MRN/Sirius was live, ESPN was not.
  4. antsie

    antsie Well-Known Member

    I wasn't home so I DVR'd mine. But apparently it went over the time listed because just after Cale stepped off stage and Jimmy was about to start talking, the DVR stopped. Just my luck!!!

    If your interested, here is a article about the "live" broadcast.

    The Daly Planet
  5. Snafam

    Snafam Member

    I forgot about that! I ended up missing Cale's presentation, scrambling for the channel on the Tivo.

    I did 'back up' my Sirius though, so I was at least able to hear that delightfully scrappy man!
  6. Easy Money

    Easy Money Active Member

    Yall are ALL wrong, yall know nascar and Mr. France knows more about what we need/want more than we do!:bs:

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