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Nov 12, 2008
I hope I am putting this in the right forum, but I have a question. Every time Sirius/XM does anything with change people threaten to cancel. I know how you could love a channel and be pissed, but if you truly like the service why threatens this right away? For example I liked hot jamz a lot, but I am not going to run out and drop my subscription, because they took it away, because I enjoy more programming. I read on orbitcast and other places all the time about people’s bitterness towards Sirius/XM and I just don’t get it. On Greg Bells blog is a great example. The Radio classics computer played like 10 to 15 minutes of commercials, and like every post is blaming Sirius for this.
I just think people should calm down, and if you truly like the service then keep subscribing if you don’t cancel and shut up. Posting dumb comments on the internet won’t change a thing. Also I think they would listen if you post with some facts, and not just they fucking suck because they canned backspin. I guess I just enjoy having content on a device with out punching on a keyboard, or using wifi. I hope this didn’t sound rude I just kind of would like to rant. I guess what brought this on is I read the Bubba leaving thread and I just feel people freak out before they even know what’s happening. Some people say if Bubba leaves satellite radio dies, because I guess people only subscribe for Bubba right? I get the stock prices are low, but I don’t think the service depends on anyone. I think even when Howard leaves the service will survive. Now they may file bankruptcy, and maybe someone will help contribute but I think satellite will survive. People complain all the time on how much Sirius spent on Mad Dog, but maybe he was worth it. I think they could have gotten out cheaper, and he isn’t that big of a name nationwide, but who knows. I enjoy the show so far. If Mel wanted to get someone with a name he should have tried getting Dan Patrick or someone who everyone would recognize. That’s just my opinion, I just wanted to say I subscribe, because I enjoy the service, and if I didn’t I would cancel and stop going to these forums. I just get annoyed to read negative things all the time.


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Oct 9, 2008
Well joe it is a lot easier being negative than being positive. It seems that negativity tends to feed itself and snow balls in forums like this. Yet if you start a thread saying what you like and how much you enjoy the service. Usually about post number 4 or 5 someone will always come in and screw the topic they are going to tell you why they hate it and it sucks. Uh the topic was about how we enjoy and like the service. You are in the wrong thread! LOL

Anyway, I do agree that folks have thrown around that cancellation threat for too often and to quickly. Only time will tell how many actually did or do cancel. I think in the long term some that do cancel will come back eventually. Once they get out there and deal with FM, screw around with mp3 players, they will realize Sirius XM isnt' so bad. No service is going to be perfect.

Anyway... I appreciate what you are saying, I just think right now folks are upset and they are going to vent and say what they feel they need to say.


Nov 10, 2008
I don't agree with the "shut up er git out!" mentality. I think forums are a good place for people to voice their satisfaction or displeasure with anything. If they were all bright and happy all the time, they wouldn't exist. There's so much outcry over the merger because both sides, and especially XM fans, have lost something they've enjoyed for years. It was quite sobering to me on the 12th to experience all of the changes. Nothing may ever change due to people venting about the changes on forums, but they don't have any less right to vent than you do.

Re: cancelling, I've done that with my Inno after the merge. In the car I like having the service mainly because of the integration with my car stereo, but obviously also because of content I enjoy (mostly non-music related now). The portable radio aspect now, however, is best served by my iPhone and, hopefully, a Slacker G2.


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Oct 14, 2008
Southern Colorado
I'm in agreement. I think the happy people (me) tend not to post about how happy I was with the merge and my service in general. I think there are people out there in the forums and even not on the forums that feel the same way. I learned quickly just to skip over those "I hate (blank) channel", even if there are a ton of 'em. :p


Nov 17, 2008
I like the new channel lineup, I think it's great. I also like the new packages, since they save me money overall.

I don't like the fact that NBA moved to XM, requiring me to pay extra in order to get what I'd had previously.

And I seriously despise the censorship on the music channels. The company line that it's only on certain channels is patently false.


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Oct 11, 2008
Janesville, MN
Great Post, Joe...:D

I've never been a fan of the merger, but I'm not going to go out and cancel my subs. I'm sure a lot of people have a lot of passion about satellite radio and the content that it brings. If they feel it's not worth their money, then fine, leave.

I do think a lot more people will stay as opposed to leave. Regardless on how they feel about the merger...:)