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Discussion in 'Sirius Radios' started by krawlinyj, Jun 18, 2011.

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    Hey guys, I don't know if i am posting this in the correct spot but here is the back story. I changed the battery in my 2005 Nissan Altima with the Bose head unit. The Sirius was working fine prior to the change and now it just tries to acquire the signal for about 2 mins and then gives a message of "Invalid Channel" and will not allow me to change any channels or anything in SAT mode. AM/FM and CD work just fine. I called Sirius and after being on hold for 1hr 15mins the "tech support" lady from some other country which i could barely understand was no help and told me its a prob with the radio not the signal. Any suggestions? I am tired of paying for a service which I can't use! any help would be great. even a tech support number that has people who speak clear english would be awesome! thanks
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    You probably need to have your subscription data resent. I think you can do that yourself from their website. Make sure the radio is on when you have this done. You will probably then need to re-set all your presets.
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    To clarify, when I said “their website”, I meant that of Sirius, not that of Nissan.

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