I Washed My SL2......

Discussion in 'Sirius Portables' started by Mrwirez, Dec 9, 2008.

  1. Mrwirez

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    I have been looking for days for my Stiletto2. Today my mother in law found it in the bottom of the washing machine... Any suggestions? I have not turned it on. It is sitting up right drying out... I DO HAVE the good warranty I bought extra. I was not sure if it was like a cell phone, where Verizon can tell if it got wet. Any input would be welcome..

  2. MM

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    That sucks.

    I have seen where people have put their cell phones in a bag of rice for a few days so that the moisture gets absorbed by the rice.

    I would not try to turn it on yet.

    If it doesn't work after a few days, utilize that warranty.

    I do not know for sure if their is a moisture sensor on the SL2.
  3. Mrwirez

    Mrwirez Member

    Thanks MM, I will give it a shot. ;)
  4. HecticArt

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    There was a thread on the old SBS that you might try searching for that discussed the same topic. A guy drowned his SL100, dried it out, and it fired right up for him.

    You might also do a google search for similar "how ho I dry out my ........cell phone, PDA, etc" Techrepublic.com, cnet, or extremetech or one of the other cool nerd sites out there had a good how to article a couple of years ago. No hair dryers (they drive the water deeper into the components, no ovens (duh).

    I've heard about the rice, and lots of desiccant bags, and even dunking a freshly wet gadget into alcohol (Yes, drown your sorrows in alcohol!) will force the water off of the components and then the alcohol evaporates much more quickly and evenly. Sounds strange, but you'll see it explained better than I can.

    Be patient!
  5. Mrwirez

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  6. HecticArt

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    Keep us posted and good luck!
  7. I hope it's drying out with the battery out of it. Also, medical grade isopropyl alcohol (92%) is best. Don't use the regular 70% or 60% stuff. It will not work and can damage the unit.
  8. DAB

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    Seems like you got some good suggestions already, I just wanted to say I hope this works out and it will work for you once you do all this.

    Keep us posted!
  9. Mrwirez

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    Thanks guy's.... Its still sitting in a bag of rice. If all else fails I will use the warranty. I will keep ya posted.. I miss it at home the most. Robin Quivers cackling has got nothing on the wife and kids... Totally JOKING.
  10. cellularken

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    I work for ATT Mobility, we were just bought out by them.... When we were Cellular One a few years back we started using the alcohol dipping method and it has fixed almost every cellphone we tried recovering. We did however take the phone apart and place just the circuit board in the alcohol. A cellphone is basically a circuit board and a mic, speaker, and shell :). ONE WARNING: I have been in this business for 13 years (cellular) and water damage is sneaky. A device can start working and then a couple weeks or even a month later stop working. In MOST cases even if a phone works at first it stops working a couple weeks later, I am not counting the ones that we used alcohol on. A almost invisible rust or mold looking layer covers some of the circuits. A dry toothbrush gently used on them will sometimes recover them.

    My wife dropped her LG phone into the lake this summer and it was on and we could see the display on in about 2 feet of water. She reached in and shook it and it has been working ever since. Strange things happen :)

    I realize we are not talking cellphones here however I thought I would offer my experience with water and our prized toys :)
  11. Mrwirez

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    Whelp.... I think she's a goner... I just dug out my warranty receipt. I really hope Best Buy does not give me a hassle, I have been working 7-10's, the money is nice.. but, it is a bear without my SL2.

    Any tips on what to say or not say? Do I need to take the box and headphones too?
  12. Bandwagon03

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    Good advice all the way around. We appreciate technical advice for sure!

    BTW, welcome to the DRC!
  13. atlwxman

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    If you are making a claim via Best Buy's extended warranty, be aware that they may send the unit off to a repair facility to have it looked at. If that is the case, be prepared for them to open up the unit and deny the claim due to water damage.
  14. Mrwirez

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    Hey guy's,
    I walked into Best Buy today with all receipts in hand and showed the GEEK Squad my dead Stiletto2. (Before the Steelers game!!) The head Geek said to go grab a new one off the shelf.... He opened the box put my damaged one in and handed me a brand new one. Boom, just like that no questions asked. Gotta love the Best Buy warranty. I paid $39.95 for the 4 year extended warranty one year ago and it was worth every penny.

    I also bought two new Sansa "Clip" 4 gig mp3 players, one for me and one for the wife, and yes I bought the extended warranty for six bucks... (built in battery)..

    Thanks for all the info you guy's provided. This place rocks too.
    Happy Holidays!
  15. HecticArt

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    Glad to hear it worked out.

    Did they ask why it smelled like rice? ? ? ?

    Keep this one out of the washer!
  16. Mrwirez

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    HaHa... Hey, at least when I return something it is clean! :p

    Seriously, I really did not realize how much I use my SL2. I use it more than my $2200 Plasma TV.
  17. IdRatherBeSkiing

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    Don't put that in the washing machine either. :)
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