I removed my avatar from SBS. RIP, good friend.

Discussion in 'The Studio Lounge' started by MAJ Badmotherfarker, Oct 12, 2008.

  1. Bookworm

    Bookworm Member

    Mine is still there but I don't plan on going back there unless I hear that the problems have been cleared up.
  2. DAB

    DAB Mod Emeritus

    Ah man I needed a good laugh! GEEZ!!! hehehe :D
  3. Wolf

    Wolf Manspreading on DRC

    Mine still over there, maybe one day I will remove it. But I won't be posting there just checking it out every once in a while.
  4. PERRYinLA

    PERRYinLA New Member

    We're defecting?

    I've not been on SBS for a while, but more because I got busy than of any problems with it.

    So I am coming in late on this news item - what did I miss out on?
    I just briefly checked out the "Info from RyanM" thread on SBS just now.

    That thread and the rest of SBS still looks pretty active to me, and doesn't seem that slow.
    Is that the only issue- that the server is slow(er) and Ryan is not responding?
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  5. TSS Taylor

    TSS Taylor DRC Fan

    It feels a bit faster now that people are flocking here. Just would like a better transition than to just abandon the place. But this place seems like it's got a feel of it's own now.
  6. limegrass69

    limegrass69 Confused

    I get the feeling SBS is running a bit faster now due to the reduced activity. Personally, I think we're better off here where there appears to be a desire by the site owners to keep things running smoothly. Nothing personal against SBS, but it's not like there wasn't a list of volunteers (Mods, etc.) willing to take the reigns.

    It's a shame...but onward and upwards...
  7. TSS Taylor

    TSS Taylor DRC Fan

    I'm going to put this place as my sig. Hope it doesn't cause too much trouble. I'd like to go over there and help people with stuff, but I've lost interest. This place ignited a spark which had gone away from where it should be.
  8. DAB

    DAB Mod Emeritus

    Hey we don't allow folks to promote other sites at SBS. Don't do it! hehehe :p

    Actually this was another thing that I didn't always agree with on SBS that other sites couldn't be linked or even mentioned. I think when we started doing that it was the writing on the wall.
  9. TSS Taylor

    TSS Taylor DRC Fan

    Really? I didn't know that. I can take it down. But waiting for your good word sir.
  10. MM

    MM Administrator

    A few of us tried, we really did. Myself, DAB, and Roadrunner.
  11. limegrass69

    limegrass69 Confused

    Oh...I know. It's really too bad that could not have happened. But on to bigger and better things.
  12. DAB

    DAB Mod Emeritus

    I am not removing it! So, leave it alone! :)
  13. jwt873

    jwt873 Member

    I've noticed that the traffic has died down quite a bit on SBS since the slowness problem began. FWIW, the problem has been going on since last June.

    When I click on 'New Posts' I used to get a few pages of new threads plus threads with new posts after a day of not checking in. Now I get a few pages of new posts after a full week of not checking in. It appears that activity is down significantly.

    For me, it takes 15 to 20 seconds for anything to happen no matter what I click on.. If I read 15 different posts, that's 300 seconds (5 minutes) of sitting around waiting for things to load. If I reply to any of those threads that adds even more time.

    I used to open tabs and browse other sites for something to do while SBS was loading.. But after four months, It got to be too much and that's why I'm here. FWIW, I didn't go away mad and I'm not blaming anyone.
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  14. MAJ Badmotherfarker

    MAJ Badmotherfarker is drinking a beer.

    MMMMM...... I really liked that girl.
  15. IdRatherBeSkiing

    IdRatherBeSkiing This space for rent

    So what exactly is going to happen to SBS? Will it sit there in the crapper with no moderation (all the mods are over here) forever? I know TSS used to (and still appears to) advertise over there. Will that continue? Will the lack of advertising lead to its eventual demise?
  16. DAB

    DAB Mod Emeritus

    My understanding is that TSS-Radio has paid for advertising in advance, so technically SBS can't just take it down without giving a refund.

    What is going to happen, I have no idea. No more than I had any idea what was going to happen when I was moderating there. The current owner is going to have to decide rather to try to rescue it, which I don't see happening, sell it or just pull the plug on it all together. He should just sell it to TSS and we can then just pull the good content off of it and pull the plug.
  17. ProperModulation

    ProperModulation Green Type of Tube

    One day you'll go to the site and you'll be greeted with an "address not found" error.

    Sad but true...
  18. MM

    MM Administrator

    We know what will eventually happen. It's just a matter of time.
  19. MM

    MM Administrator

    More than likely.
  20. DAB

    DAB Mod Emeritus

    ...and it didn't have to be that way. Still life goes on!

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