I just got my new Slacker G2 Portable Player…

Discussion in 'Slacker Radio' started by roscoryan, Oct 23, 2008.

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    I fear that I am being seduced by the slick look and packaging of the Slacker G2.

    I usually listen to Howard and Bubba and then music on weekends. I flip around a lot but mainly listen to about 7-10 different Sirius stations.

    I have the Sirius Boombox in my home office to listen over WIFI for my SL2 and also a Soloist for in the kitchen. Radio Replays are nice for music for me. Also, any song I HAVE to hear I just load into the SL2's micro SD card and I'm set.

    So why O why am I debating a G2? I think I just need a new toy.


    Oh, and if you want to have some fun, read all 13 pages of this thread and see how quickly DAB was sucked into the world of slacker. Hilarious to watch his progression from "no" to "pandora is better" to now him having his AVATAR be slacker. lot's of fun....
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  2. Well then the eye candy marketing is doing it's job. If you have the extra money mine as well get a new toy. If you don't have the extra money. Well it sounds like Sirius is satisfying you.
    I made the mistake of telling my mom about the G2, and instead of my original plan to buy it myself. Now she wants to buy it for me as a holiday gift. So I have to wait a little longer. Chances are she will deliver it me me well before Xmas though. Anyway what is life without a little excited/anxious feelings waiting to receive a new toy.
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    Hey DAWG, check out my latest post here for even more progress on my battle with Pandora and Slacker! LOL

  4. Just got my G2 about to open the box :cool::cool:
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    My buddy got the G2 on Saturday (last one at the local best buy). He opened it up and I was drooling. WOW. Elaborate packing but simple at the same time. Few parts to get lost. It came with loaded stations but said they were expired. Controls took some getting used to. Side scroll wheel is something that we where not used to but a cool feature.
  6. DAB

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    Congrats on all you that are just getting these. Remember the first time you refresh is you select a bunch of channels it will take a while (a good while) to store all that music on the device. My suggestion if you want to check it out sooner rather than later is just select a few stations and let it refresh. That way you could do the rest later like maybe when you got o bed.
  7. I'm in pain waiting for the batteries to charge. I see the device has some generic slacker channels on it already. When I select a channel it says subscription expired 8 days ago. So I don't know. I'll screw with it when the battery is full. I'll run set up on the usb refresher software, and see what happens with that. Once the device is charged. Hopefully everything will update nice and smoooooooth......Most likely I'll do a overnight update assuming I get a green light to update.
  8. DAB

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    Strange these G2 must have reached a date of having to be refreshed since you are the 2nd or 3rd person that got one and it immediately told them their subscription expired. Once you get the radio ID entered into your account, set your stations and do the refresh you'll be up and running. By the way you can do the channel refresh while the thing is charging, you don't need to wait for a green light. What I did was plugged it in the charge it and while it was charging let it download my stations and content. Took a few hours, but I was ready to go.
  9. I got it to start refreshing my channels right before bed time. Then device was good to go in the morning. Just used it on my arm band for four hours. Great device so far. Fits nicely in my cars device holder as well.
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    I thought there was a way to have DJs on the Slacker? Do you know how to activate or deactivate that feature?
  11. DAB

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    That was a wise way to do the refresh this way you were not sitting and waiting like so many have done. LOL

    So did you buy the Armband to go with it or just one that you are using? I am glad to hear that it fits well in your cars cup holder device. Mine sort of fits nicely in a cubby hole that I have.

    You can only turn them off if you have the Premium Subscription from what I understand. But there is only one channel that currently has a DJ at this point and that is Today's Hits. Here name is Parker and she generally only breaks in about 1 time per hour for about 30 seconds.

    Here is the info:

    Want just songs with no DJ talk? Slacker Premium Radio gives you the opportunity to turn off the informative DJs in favor of music only. You get complete control over your listening experience.

    So, you must have the premium to turn this feature off and it would be on by default with the basic service. I'd personally like to see them expand the DJ's on many more of the channels myself.
  12. Yes the arm band was purchased during the G2 purchase. The arm band is nice, and fits the G2 very nicely. Today I used the device on my arm, and in the car. Worked out well. The only thing left to do now is order a G1 invisible shield, and cut it to G2 size. I should not need any accessories after that. My only minor complaint so far is the volume adjusts kind of slow when you hit the button, but it is not that big a deal.
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    Did you get in on the deal where you buy the Slacker G2 and get the armband free? If not I'd be calling them and asking them about it. Since you just got it.

    I agree with you the volume control it is rather slow. I also found that the favorite and ban buttons are a tad bit overly sensitive and I've really had to start using the lock out because even just moving it around you can hit one of those without meaning too.

    I purchased some generic PDA protection screen to cover mine, but it so shiny and it scratches terrible itself. I was thinking about doing the invisible shield myself. I really wish they would make one for the device which wouldn't needed to be cut.
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    Thanks DAB for the answer on the DJs. I prefer no DJs myself and haven't noticed any on the stations at all. Its a good device, no doubt about that!
  15. DAB

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    Well you are good to go cause right now like I said there are none except on Today's Hits. But the good news is with a subscription you can turn them off, along with the commercials! I agree with you the device is excellent! I love it and the service! It is a great suplipment to my XpressRC and XM sub. I wish all I enjoyed was the music and I might one of those guys canceling sat radio all together! hehehe

    By the way did you subscribe? If not just wondering what you think of the commericals?
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    Since this was one the early threads that sparked interest in Slacker here...

    I have to say that I'm enjoying the way that Slacker isn't afraid to challenge the listener a little bit. I just heard a 10 minute live version of "On Broadway' by George Benson. No, it's not what I would have heard on 70's AM radio; I would have gotten a radio edit. But Slacker realizes that if I'm a person who like's 70's music, then I'll enjoy extended mixes, live versions, and even the occasional deeper cut. Sirius seems to feel (and mostly correctly, IMHO) that users want to hear the hits. But I think we can stand to hear the hits presented in different ways. If the music programmers at SiriusXM think we need to hear "Rock the Casbah" every day on FirstWave, would it kill them to play an extended mix once a week in its place? If they think we need to hear "Jeremy" every day on Lithium, can one day a week substitute a live version? That's a middle ground that I think Slacker gets much better than Greenstein and his minions.
  17. I agree. Having Slacker available is a breath of fresh air. Having the G2 for "on the go", and the premium status has really enhanced my experience. It is just nice to personalize, and have that freedom to make adjustments.......
  18. DAB

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    While sat radio certainly still has its place in my daily life. In regards to music and sound quality, there is really no point in even comparing sat radio to Slacker. Slacker wins this battle on just about every front.

    This isn't to say that Slacker is perfect, because in my opinion there are many artist missing from the service especially in the new age/meditation relaxation genre, southern gospel and even contemporary christian. They tend to do much better in terms of rock, pop, hip hop/r&b. In trying to create a southern gospel and meditation channel there are just so, so many artist not even available.
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    I picked up a G2 last week as well....

    I recently moved into a new building at work and could no longer get reception with Sirius. I went crazy for two days w/o music, then decided to get myself an early xmas gift. After using this thing for a few days, I love it! I had been using the desktop player for over a year now, so I had a station already made. this thing is so easy to use and performed well at the gym as well. Siri my be in my rearview mirror in the near future. I've listened to slacker for a few days at work with NO REPEATS! Love this gadget and the wireless updates.
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