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Discussion in 'Slacker Radio' started by roscoryan, Oct 23, 2008.

  1. What I like most about this device........
    In the past I used Sirius, but was not fond of it. I have also used subscription to go music services in the past, but it drives me bonkers having to make a playlist. It was also kind of a pain having to subscribe to the new music I did not own. I don't buy music cd's or mp3's at all anymore.
    The G2 eliminates all those headaches. So it is pretty much a great portable player for me. I can download free audio of the talk related things I'm interested in which I put on another MP3 player. For me having the two devices will be a good combination. Both devices will give me 5 gigs which is more then what I need. With the possibility of eliminating the mp3 player, but I don't see doing that until it dies.
  2. Derek

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    I got a Slacker G2 last night!

    I went into Best Buy, first looking around the mp3 player section and the guy had no idea what I was talking about or maybe didn't even understand what I was saying. He was like "type it into our computer here" So I found it and he said it showed three in stock. He called someone else who eventually figured out it was with the satellite radio/car audio. I went back there and the guy in that department was so ecstatic that someone was buying a Slacker.

    I haven't had much time to make custom stations, but I loaded some of Slacker's canned stations and it sounds good. I still can't get over the size of the player. I saw DAB's comparison pics with other devices, but it's another thing to see it in person and hold it. I'm having fun so far...
  3. Where do I find that comparison post with those pics ? I don't remember coming across that.
  4. IdRatherBeSkiing

    IdRatherBeSkiing This space for rent

    I think it was under his XMP3 review.
  5. Derek

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  6. Thanks I see the picture comparison now. I did not notice in before since I don't visit that XM forum.
  7. DAB

    DAB Mod Emeritus

    Hey Derek, Congrats!

    You are totally correct pictures don't do this thing justifice, you really don't realize how small and nice this device is until you hold it in your own hand. Glad you are having fun.

    I guess I need to do a detailed review with pictures on the Slacker Forum. :)
  8. That would be nice to read a review from someone. Have not seen much for reviews online yet. Other then folks saying they like the device. Seeing your comparison pictures in another thread. Seems you have a bit of a compulsive buying nature for electronic hand held devices that are music related :D. Nothing wrong with that :yesshake:.
  9. DAB

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    Well my sister and my son are now proud Slacker G2 owners as of today. They both had checked mine out and really liked it.

    I also noticed when we went to Best Buy in Lafayette that they now had the Slacker on display. The guy admitted he knew nothing about it, but asked me if I would go through it with him because it would help him. So, I took him through the whole process of the initial setup, along with even creating stations. He and 2 other guys were like WOW that thing is cool. Even on the display at Best Buy you can hear how much better Slacker sounds over Sat Radio. However, I have to say they did have a really nice Sat Radio display and a lot of stock. Lots of Sportster 5, XMp3 and Delphi Xpress tuners with car and home kits.

    Oh one other thing I notice at BB, they have a Slacker 3 month Premium Subscription Card that you can purchase. I think Slacker is making all the right moves to be so early in their start up. Now if we could get some home and car docks, it would really be cool.
  10. Grüpsaar

    Grüpsaar DRC Forum Bum

    I am still on the fence. I don't want to make my Sat. Radio obsolete by getting a Slacker. I love music, but I own a Zune and Two Sirius radios already. I find myself choosy with my music a lot, so I'm not sure how I feel about Slacker, but, I like the idea of a new music gadget to play with. I just don't want my Sirius to collect dust because Slacker will be getting more of my music listening time. Is there room for all three devices? Also, is it still enjoyable with a free account. I can't imagine paying another monthly sub price for slacker on top of my zune marketplace pass and sirius.

    Any insight into this would be helpful. I want to like Slacker, but my budget isn't quite letting me yet, and I just don't want my current music services to goto waste..
  11. IdRatherBeSkiing

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    I suspect Slacker would replace your Zune mostly. You could save the price of the marketplace pass.
  12. Grüpsaar

    Grüpsaar DRC Forum Bum

    I was thinking about it some more, and think perhaps that could be the case.. Can you load up a small amount of songs on the Slacker of your own? I can use that for a few select songs I know I want with me, and then have my slacker stations tuned so well that I will only get songs that I want anyway.

    My Zune is an older 30 gig, and its full. I was thinking of upgrading early in '09 to a bigger Zune, but perhaps I'll just get Slacker instead. Ahh, decisions decisions. I can still use Sirius at home for listening, but I go for walks a lot, so that's when Slacker comes in handy.
  13. DAB

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    I can tell you that I have an iPod Touch 32gb, XM XpressRC and Slacker G2(25) and I have no problems using all 3 of them. They all each of their purpose, for example my iPod Touch is used for on the go email, taking notes in meetings, calendar to help keep me organized, along with a to do list. I also use it for checking stocks, weather, reading the news and of course I have movies on it and music. I also enjoy many of the Apple Apps like Pandora. I was really impressed by Pandora on the iPod Touch, but not so much so anymore now that I've used Slacker. Then I use my Xpress in my company Scion, personal Scion and this gives me some music, but mainly, talk, news and sports. The Slacker, well its my REAL music machine and I am telling you I've never been as impressed as I am with Slacker. I freaking love the stations, especially the ones I've created myself.

    I think once you get it and have the experience with it, that it will likely change the way you view Sat Radio, but this doesn't mean there won't be a place for Sat Radio. I look at them complimenting each other.

    By the way with the 25 station Slacker you can store up to 1 gig of your own music and with the 40 station Slacker you have up to 3 gigs of storage. However, remember that when you save songs from the device it uses this space as well, so if you plan to save any songs from the stations you'll need to save a little space for that.

    One suggestion they have a 30 day money back guarantee, so get it, try it if you discover it isn't for you return it. Just use the free subscription until you decide.
  14. Grüpsaar

    Grüpsaar DRC Forum Bum

    Well, I think you've sold me. Haha, I can't stop reading about it. I've been following slacker since it launched, but now, with the newest portable, it just seems to good to pass up. I just starting toying with making stations. Seems pretty easy to get into customizing stations. Definetly thinking about it.
  15. DoublEE

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    One of the first days I had my Slacker G2 I took the dog for a walk while listening. Usually our walk is around an hour or so. I was so into what I was hearing on the Indie station I didn't want to stop and the dog and I ended up taking a two hour walk.
  16. Grüpsaar

    Grüpsaar DRC Forum Bum

    I'm starting at radioshack soon, I'm gonna see if they carry Slacker, or maybe they will start. I saw they still have an extensive Sirius display setup. They were playing 70's on 7 when I went in for my interview.
  17. Schlep

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    Definitely thinking about asking for one of these from my dad before he complains about me not giving him suggestions again. I am curious, especially from DAB, how you feel now about Slacker vs. Pandora. I've created a very capable chillout channel and indie/alt channel on Pandora through little effort, and they're both as deep or deeper than XM ever was (a good thing!). I'd really like the same functionality from the G2.

    Regarding the channel sizes, if I sync only 10 channels, will those 10 channels automatically fill the capacity of the player, or do I have to listen to those channels several times before they decide to pull larger playlists down? I've seen conflicting info.

    After the trauma I suffered from losing a lot of what I loved about XM's music, I feel like this is a more than capable alternative. After cancelling my Inno, there's only a $7 difference annually between that and the G2 if I decide to go the premium route.

    As an aside, I would probably be less inclined to go down the Slacker route if I didn't feel like Pandora's hurling towards bankruptcy. Maybe (hopefully) I'm wrong on that.
  18. DAB

    DAB Mod Emeritus

    I agree that Pandora initially seemed like a better system for creating custom channels and the task was much easier, but once I started using the Slacker customization such as adding artist, then specific songs (unfortunately premium subscribers only on the specific song request) then using the fine tuning to tweak to my preference in terms of just how deep to go and rather I want it to be hits based ore more obscure. Once I did this, I then found that Slacker for the post part was equal to if not just a tad bit better than Pandora. The one bone I've had with Pandora are repeats. It seems no matter how many seed artist I've had setup on a given channel, I always hear some songs over within even a one hour period and in the 2nd and 3rd hours of listening it gets even worse. I do not have this issue with Slacker at all.

    When you initially sync your device your channels are given approx 100 songs each regardless of how many channels you start with. It is over time from listening and refreshing with all the extra memory that these channels will get larger playlist. My understanding is that you can have single channels with playlist as large as 500 songs. I am sure this takes time and happens by refreshing the channel after listening over and over.

    I cancelled one $12.95 Sirius sub and one $6.99 XM sub which still left me with one XM sub, but this more than offset my cost of the yearly premium Slacker sub which ends up being $7.50 per month on an annual sub. The premium is worth in that you can skip as many songs as you want (try that on sat radio), you can add specific songs rather than just every song that an artist puts out. Though you can still do this without the premium, you just have to accomplish it over time using the favorite and ban method. Plus this insures you won't ever get ads and you can turn on and off the DJ and station id's, then you also have the ability to save songs directly to the device in the space which is set aside for your personal music library. So you could excentually have up to 1gig of saved songs on the 25 channel version. Not every song can be saved though, this is due to licensing and they are continuing to expand this over time. I find that probably about 65% or more I am able to save.

    I don't see Pandora shutting down myself, but that is only a guess on my part. I think they have added ads recently and they are doing everything they can to make it. My problem like I said with Pandora are repeats, no ability to store channels so whenever I listen, I must have the internet rather via eithernet or wifi and even though I can now listen via my iPod Touch via Wifi that is still very, very limiting especially using that in comparsion to Sat Radio. Slacker with the G2 wins this hands down.
  19. Schlep

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    Wow, that actually is a gripe I have with Pandora as well. Thanks for going through such detailed description on creating the playlists and everything else after this.

    That's really unfortunate. I know they do that to conserve bandwidth and additionally the stations should really tighten up the more ratings are given. Still, I'd like to have a few 500 song stations right off the bat.

    If you have the premium subscription, can you create a single artist channel? Someone at work asked me this last night and I had no idea.

    Still, it sounds like quite a useful feature. Although, honestly, I am more interested in music I haven't heard than music I have heard. Most music that I've heard and want to hear again, I own.

    One of the benefits of iPhone. :D To me, the more I look into Slacker, the more it reminds me of what I feel was XM's peak years (2004-2005).
  20. DAB

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    If you listen daily, then I don't see it taking that long to accomplish a rather large channel. I could almost tell within the first few days that my channels was larger.

    No, they are bound by the same rules as broadcast radio in that you can't selectively create a single artist channel. One might wonder how Sirius XM gets away with this, but it is done by contract with the record labels approval. So, this would not be feasible for individuals. Custom channels require at least 15 artist to start with and if you fail to include a full 15, they will selectively add artist they think is close to the ones you did put in. But just like with Pandora the more seed artist you put in the better your station will be.

    It is almost funny to hear someone ask about a single artist station when these are so much hated on Sat Radio.

    I think that is the whole idea though is why buy music, when you can just download and store it at no additional cost other than your sub. We truly are coming to a time and day where we will own none of our music and or movies, we'll just have unlimited access to them via some service that we subcribe too. The other aspect of Slacker is just that, you don't have to own or manage anything, you can truly be a total Slacker! LOL

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