I just got my new Slacker G2 Portable Player…

Discussion in 'Slacker Radio' started by roscoryan, Oct 23, 2008.

  1. DAB

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    Hey SRR, I am glad you got everything all setup. It is a nifty little device for sure. Customizing channels takes a bit of getting use too. I did try the playlist thing and you are right about that issue. Hopefully it will be addressed. Everything I read over on the Slacker forum pretty much indicates right now they just trying to get the music service running stable and that is where all their focus is now.

    The SQ blows me away, I mean I hear stuff in the music that on Sat Radio just isn't there. This ACC Plus codec does a great job and they say on the device itself is it only 40kbps. AMAZING!

    When you get some killer customized channels established go to the sharing thread and share them. I love checking out other peoples custom channels.
  2. SatRadioRules

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    I plugged it into my car and was amazed...Pink Floyd's "Money" came on..WOW, very nice.

    I made a simple channel today....Southern Rock:

    Slacker Personal Radio - Listen to Free Internet Radio Stations

    There are SO many possibilities....my mind keeps racing. I showed a few folks at work and they were amazed. They loved the idea of making channels and sharing with others.

    Enjoy the weekend, folks....
  3. DoublEE

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    Well DAB, as luck would have it my G2's home button went bad (honestly; even BB attested to it) and I took the opportunity to upgrade to the 40 channel G2.
  4. DAB

    DAB Mod Emeritus

    Did they have the 40 channel G2 in stock at BB? Because I was initially going to get that, but they only had the 25 channel. I still have time to exchange mine and I may do that. I am totally hooked on this thing.

    Sucks that your home button went bad! But you do get all the album art right... hehehe
  5. DoublEE

    DoublEE Active Member

    They did NOT have the 40 channel in stock but they ordered for me off the BB website. Should be here by Wednesday.

    I had two people helping me that had no idea what a "Slacker" was. By the end of my enthusiastic pitch both said they were going to buy one.

    I miss my G2!:bigcry:
  6. MikeV

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    Yep SatelliteRadioRules, I'm a Mac guy too... my G2 is all WiFi...

    Slacker does have a Southern Rock station already... you might try fine-tuning that, or use it as a base for your own if you want to tweak it more than it will let you otherwise. :)
  7. tr5000

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    does slacker get refreshed with new music (i.e. new releases) often. sirius xm does a good job at getting new music out before it is released. i often hear new music from an artist I like on sirius before it is on itunes.

    Also, for those of you who have gotten slacker will it replace your sirius xm or share time?
  8. DAB

    DAB Mod Emeritus

    Maybe that is what I sould do. I am finding that I am enjoying messing with these channels and the more channels the better. Though honestly I'd probably be okay with just the 25, but what the heck!

    I can imagine missing it a great deal and to think initially I was not sure if I was even going to keep mine. LOL

    Yes if you have a channel that provides new music as they add them they will be downloaded to the Slacker G2. I've heard several new songs, but then I've not been listening to sat radio so much as of late, but probably because of the newness of the G2.

    I don't see the Slacker at this point totally replacing sat radio for me. But it is great to know if the channel shake up coming in the next couple of weeks isn't to my liking I have a very good alternative. But you know the live sports, news, weather, talk and entertainment isn't available on Slacker (at least not yet). Now if you have no interest in anything but music, then Slacker could easily take the place of sat radio.
  9. DAB

    DAB Mod Emeritus

    Did you check out what I was saying about how the channels will automatically refresh when you plug it in to charge it?
  10. tr5000

    tr5000 New Member

    DAB, my question was regarding "new" music. How is slacker programed for?
  11. DAB

    DAB Mod Emeritus

    I don't follow your question? If you add a station that plays todays hits it will include any new music that is released.
  12. DoublEE

    DoublEE Active Member

    I never know people could create stations and share them with other Slackers. I looked at the existing stations and figured 25 channels would be enough. Now I see all the cool stations others have concocted and figured I'd better get the 40 channel model.

    Did you know Slacker added a "request" feature. You make your request through the player and within 5-10 songs your request is played. I can't wait for the DJ feature to get into full swing.

    DAB, you must be impressed by Slacker...nice avatar!
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  13. Does the G2 have armbands available on the market ? If so maybe a link would be nice so I could see what they look like. I'd like to get a G2 later in the year, but only if armbands are available. Also you can refresh music via usb connection, right ?
  14. DoublEE

    DoublEE Active Member

    Yes and yes.

  15. jmcmahan

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    The slacker sounds great but, I'm hooked on my ibiza rhapsody. The ibiza rhapsody is awesome and allows a few features you can't get on the slacker. Anyone considering the slacker should check into this before purchasing.
  16. I'm familiar with Rhapsody already, and know the ibiza is a wifi enabled device so you can stream Rhap channels. I'm going to pass on that suggestion though not interested in Rhapsody. Maybe start a Rhap thread if you want to discuss it more. I think folks would want to keep this thread on topic with the G2/slacker.
  17. jmcmahan

    jmcmahan Member

    Thanks for your suggestion maybe, I'll do that. Like I said the Slacker does sound like a great devise. Just adding my thoughts about a comparable player. I've noticed others offering other suggestions comparable to slacker such as pandora in earlier posts so, I didn't think I was out of line.
  18. DAB

    DAB Mod Emeritus

    I'll start a thread for the Rhapsody Ibiza, so we can keep this one on track.
  19. DAB

    DAB Mod Emeritus

    The Slacker store ships very quickly. Here is a picture of the armband to save those a trip to the store. Though you'll have to go there to purchase it.

    By the way you can indeed refresh music via usb with an internet connected computer. You need to download the following software.



    Picture of the G2 Armband

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