Howard realizes how much AT&T sucks??


Oct 14, 2008
I believe he said he was switching his number or carrier, something like that.

He switched carriers, and sometimes there is a waiting period before you can get your old number switched over, so they give you a temp. I imagine they switched his account to his new number and he never had the phone reprogrammed.


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Oct 11, 2008
It's actually indicative of the OTHER problem with ATT - their customer service. Most of the people on the phone are nice, but weird things often happen to lines and they go in fiddle around, tell me there's nothing wrong and suddenly the phone starts working again. Their database is wonky too. I'll put in a request for a name change and the result will come out wrong at least half the time. My acct still shows my first name and the last name of the guy I replaced.

We'll be rolling out over a 100 new verizon curves in the next few weeks, so it will be interesting to see how well they handle things.


Oct 13, 2008
Columbus, OH
I to good of a deal through my work to go with anything other than Sprint. I know people get on them all the time,but my wife and I have had 0 problems. For the price we pay Sprint is a good deal. I know they had a plan a while back called SERO that give yoy unlimited text,data,roaming and like 1200 minutes for $30. We have a plan like that but its unlimited everything for $40. My sister just got an Iphone 3G. She loves the phone but hates the service already.


Nov 18, 2008
Daytona Beach, FL
In the NY area (in my experience) Verizon is head and shoulders better than AT&T. Verizon was always better back to their Bell Atlantic/NYNEX days.

It's obviously different elsewhere. I think all of the major carriers have their strong point and weak points.

I've found this to be the truth. I've had Cingular/AT&T for years and used it in many different metropolitan areas across the US and most of the time it's worked great. Sometimes you'd find weak or no signal in a particular building or location, and a co-worker on a different network would have better service, and then other times this was the opposite.

There was a time when Nextel folks had a lot more limited coverage, and Sprint had noticeably less noise, but over time I think the services of all of the carriers have become about the same.