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Discussion in 'Sirius Radios' started by mcf57, Jan 12, 2012.

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    Is there any way of determining if a SIRIUS radio might have a lifetime subscription on it? I recently got an older used SIRIUS radio form an online source. Hooked it up and turned it on to get ready to subscribe only to see that it is already activated and receiving most channels (SIRIUS select package).

    I went to try subscribe it online anyway and add it to my account as an additional radio, but it won't accept the ESN number. I double checked it, but it still telling me there is a problem with the number.

    I'm wondering if it could of been a store demo of some kind. Short of calling SIRIUS and talking to a rep, is there any other way of telling it could be a lifetime unit?
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    It's probably still active under the old account.

    Let it go until it deactivates.

    A lot of the time, when a radio is canceled or a sub runs out, it will take some time until it gets the "kill signal" from the satellite.

    Some folks here have had deactivated radios work for months, if not years.
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    If you bought the radio from Canada, it may be registered as a Canadian radio and therefore unable to subscribe to the US service. Some radios are set this way (originally offered as a promo from Sirius Canada or XM Canada).
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    You could call SiriusXM and ask them what the current subscription status was on the radio.

    If you didn't buy is a 'comes with lifetime' then I'd just leave it alone until the subscription runs out. If you bought it specifically with lifetime (figuring you paid more for it) then I'd call and confirm that it definitely has a lifetime subscription with it and ask how many transfers are left.

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