How sad is Rev. Bob's life


Green Type of Tube
Oct 11, 2008
i cant stand the guy. he's not funny and his voice is super annoying. and i would never pay to see anyone who calls themselves a "comedian" but has to resort the eating blue cheese out of a chick's ass to get applause.

he's a 50+ year old road hack who wears a leather "members only" jacket and lives in a flophouse after being kicked out of the basement.


Active Member
Oct 14, 2008
I can't imagine that anyone finds him funny...I mean, truly funny. Back in the day when he was getting booked I never got it and often switched the channel (his last appearance with John Wayne I really struggled through but was only half listening so it didn't matter). Now, I think I get it. I can only imagine he gets booked because he is so lame and sad....has nothing to do with his comedy. I mean, when he hosts the roast he is the butt of jokes, not really telling any. I remember listening to recent replay (probably the "Best of Sirius"...what a shock cause I guess we got keep those old show tapes under lock and key!) and they were replaying a roast....his contribution was "Hey, are you ready to comes a funny guy..." and then he mispronounces Lisa Lampenlli's name! It's a bit too sad....let's drop him, please.