Help!!! Acquiring Signal


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Nov 10, 2008
I just changed jobs and when I tried to hook up my Starmate Replay 2 in my office today, I get a terrestrial signal that bounces from 3-6 bars, but it's constantly saying acquiring signal... I was under the impression that if I got any bars then I was good to go... any ideas?


Oct 10, 2008
Chicago, IL
Antenna?Can u move it around?

Yeah this is the best bet. If you are getting some bars but the radio is still aquiring signal, than you are just barely getting enough signal. Since is terresterial than you might be able to find a place in your office that the signal is, for whatever reason, better.

For example in my garden level apartment in Chicago, all of the places that made sense to put an antenna I wouldn't get any signal. But place the antenna 3 feet off of the wall on the ground, I would get a perfect signal.

Good luck. It's like a treasure hunt and the treasure is Sirius Satellite Radio signal.

Tom Domino

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Nov 14, 2008
Where it's warm
My SL100 did that a few weeks ago and it turned out to be a bad DC power connection on the car cradle lighter plug. Don't ask me why, but jimmying the lighter plug corrected it every time it happened. Hasn't recurred since then in the affected vehicle, and never occurs on the other one. One of life's little mysteries, I guess.


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Dec 1, 2008
The best bet is to get the antenna outside if possible. The antenna that is packaged with the home kits are weather proof as well. If you can't get the antenna outside, then make sure it is pointing in the right direction according to the map grid available which can be located on the TSS Radio website. Just click on the home antenna link and a video option will pop up. There is a map showing the direction the antenna needs to be aimed. If you can't get any reception, then you may have a bad unit. If you want to replace the unit or add accessories like a STB2 boom cube for $39.99!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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