Green Type of Tube
Oct 11, 2008
Not to resurrect a long dead thread, but...

I recently hooked up a couple HD TiVos and could not be happier with them. The cable card install was done fairly quickly when the COX guy hooked up our new house. They also use the new M cards so I only need one per TiVo but can still record one channel while watching another. GUI performance is MUCH improved versus my Series 2 boxes. It's way quicker when navigating through the GUI and changing channels. Video quality is excellent, also much improved over the Series 2, even on standard channels (I read that it records and plays standard TV at a higher bitrate, thus the better quality on all channels). Networking has been effortless thanks to a couple wireless Ethernet bridges. I was hesitant to plunk down so much cash for the new boxes since I have read mixed reviews, but I am really happy with this purchase. I might even go for a lifetime on my main TiVo if I can justify the extra cash (translation: If Home Depot doesn't suck it up instead...).

The only drawback is the inability of these boxes to get HowardTV. I still use a COX cable box in my office so I can still watch in there, but I can't get it on any on the big TV's in the house. Sometimes you have to sacrifice I guess... ;)