Has Ayone Tried radioio.com?


Oct 9, 2008
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Here is some info for you guys to look at.

Now, about Internet radio pioneer radioio.com...

Here's some info for any of you who are pissed at the Siri-XM merger resulting in the loss of some great music channels that featured classic hip, disco, eclectic, and alt-country. Please tell them to go ASAP to:
Classic Hip Hop | RadioIO.com

For good disorderly eclectic music:
Eclectic | RadioIO.com

Miss your disco? Go to:
Disco Hits | RadioIO.com

Want real alt-country? Ride over to:
Alt Country | RadioIO.com

How about a really cool, adult holiday music stream, http://www.radioio.com/channels/seasons?

Seasons is radioio.com's unique, tasteful holiday soundtrack for adults. Seasons skips the wacky kids stuff in favor of a blend of triple-A (adult album alternative) and A/C (adult contemporary) artists with some wonderful classical and jazz, and a sprinkling of pop, country, oldies and eclectic. Artists include KT Tunstall, Michael Bublé, Taylor Swift and Sheryl Crow, Bing Crosby, Aretha Franklin, and the Carpenters, with holiday favorites from Mariah Carey, Enya, Tony Bennett and Brian Setzer also featured.

radioio.com, one of the Internet’s longest-running music radio services (since 1998), features 60 original, handcrafted music streams. radioio.com is delivered to iPhone and iTouch mobile devices and to RIM smartphones (BlackBerry Curve, Bold and Storm) via FlyCast, and key Internet distribution points include Windows Media, iTunes, and many music portals and social networks. radioio.com is also featured on such hot streaming media players as Logitech’s Squeezebox, Philips’ Streamium and dozens of others. Listen to all 60 streams now at www.radioio.com.

Let us know here what you guys think of this service.


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Dec 5, 2008
WALL-2-WALL- FUNK: Classic HipHop @ RadioIO.com

It's often said that "hindsight is 20/20" in the history of OUR music there is no clearer example of this in my mind than the era of Classic Hip Hop (roughly late 70's - early 90's). As I recall, many of us complained and asked the question; "WHAT HAPPENED TO THA FUNK?"

In retrospect, instead of complaining all we really had to do was open our eyes (& ears) and look/listen to what was right in front of us. We were being presented with nothing short of "WALL-2-WALL- FUNK." This is something that is abundantly clear to my ears. It was however presented in a creative & unique manner, and that is what the objection was.

We complained and asked, "where is the band?", we said things like "why don't those kids learn how to play instruments", or perhaps you said; "these aren't real musicians."

continued at the following link....

WALL-2-WALL- FUNK: Classic HipHop @ RadioIO.com | RadioIO.com
Oct 29, 2008
Yes. I use io sometimes. I posted about it on the board back not long ago. I remember very few showing interest in it. I was listening mostly to specialty stations. I think I maybe replacing io soon though with another music outlet called etree.org
I just recently started listening to RadioIO using FlyCast on my iPod Touch. Pretty cool I must say. I am very impressed with the diversity that is offered.

While not totally a metal station, you may want to check out radioIO Todays Rock. They play Disturbed as well as other similar artists.

The only thing that I find a little annoying about RadioIO is their advertisement about their commercial free service. Normally whenever they have a commercial on one of their stations I will switch over to the equivalent station on 1.fm. Both services are an excellent alternative to satellite radio if you have an internet connection available.
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