From DirecTV...

Got this from DirecTV a little while ago...
As a result of the Sirius XM merger, XM is going to remove some of the XM channels provided to DIRECTV at midnight EST on November 12th.
The channels coming down are
1) Oprah and Friends
2) The Rhyme
3) Raw
4) Beyond Jazz
5) High Standards
6) Fine Tuning
7) Chrome
8) VOX
9) Aguila
10) Vibra
11) Caricia
12) Viva
13) The Virus

XM will also add three channels

1) Hair Nation (classic hard rock)
2) Coffeehouse
3) The Bridge (not available until 1/1/09)

In addition, more music channels will be coming soon (hopefully in the next week to two weeks - still TBD) in place of some of those XM channels lost. The additional channels will not be from XM.

A website with most of the changes (the new music channels will appear there when ready to launch) will be up and running starting tomorrow night at:

Also of note, there will be three holiday music channels coming. One will start on November 12th with the additional two coming soon thereafter

I should note that website from DirecTV will not be active until late tomorrow night.

I have no idea where the other additional new channels will be coming from.
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Nov 8, 2008
Any word from the Dish Network side? Since Sirius is a parter with Dish, getting a memo like the DirecTV one would give insight onto what'll be happening in 23 hours, like which XM channels are actually going to Sirius & if it'll be an identical lineup.


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Oct 19, 2008
How long until the pest get O&A back on DirecTV?

Are we taking bets? :D

They've done so before but something tells me, this is more than just DirecTV this time making this call...

I really don't think Mel likes his exclusive talent being heard out there on DirecTV and terrestrial radio like O&A currently are. And just for my 2 cents on that issue, I liked O&A a lot better when they were exclusive to XM too and I would think it's only fair to go back to that sort of an arrangement whenever this current deal with CBS ends now that they we, at least seem to be headed back in a direction of making people subscribe for that exclusive content.


Oct 15, 2008
What?? No Radio Margaritaville on DirecTV?? Awww......I was looking forward to that... :(


Oct 11, 2008
Phoenix, AZ
Lets hope The Bridge is returning in January!! But as many have stated before, The Bridge is so used to being hijacked and jacked around, hope isnt exactly strong right now. :(