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Nov 10, 2008
Columbus, Ohio
I got this email from Russ Davis and Michelle Sammartino (former programmers/DJs from Beyond Jazz) about their new project

THE Modern Jazz Radio Newsletter Volume 1: Issue 1

WELCOME to our first Newsletter!!!
Hey there MOJA FANS! HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!! Russ and Michelle here, and
as we put things together to launch MOJA RADIO
<>, which will become THE one and only place
for the fans of modern jazz to get what they want and need, we thought
we'd reach out to you with some info on what's going on in our world.
We've heard from thousands of you and you seem as eager as we are to
get this thing launched. Believe me, we're working on it and there are
many things we need to make it work. The main thing we need now from
you is your continued support and some patience. We'll be coming soon
with more info as we prepare for the big launch but for now the site
is up and has some cool stuff! Pics and some music and some news... so
check it out! Here in the newsletter, we thought we'd share a few
things with you to give you a taste for the new site and keep you up
to date. First, Russ wants to fill you in on his recent trip to cover
the 40th edition of the Festival Internacional Jazz Barcelona in
beautiful Spain, we want to tell you about some of the new music we've
been discovering, give you some info on Russ' work with The Voice of
America and lastly, look to the future a little bit.

This has been a crazy year for us with the demise of Beyond Jazz and
the loss of what was our lives for the last eight years. And trust us
we know that you all are feeling it too. Like all of you, Beyond Jazz
was a huge part of our lives, day in and day out. We just simply could
not let the music die... for us, and for you the listeners! Your
emails have been a constant source of inspiration for both of us to
keep us motivated to make MOJA RADIO a reality.

Now, a little bit about MOJA RADIO- We want the community to be just
that... a place for ALL THINGS MOJA! We want all of you to be able to
take part, have an active role (should you desire) to not only be able
to listen to the incredible music we serve up 24/7, but we want you to
be able to communicate with each other, post some pics, music and
thoughts on MOJA, post about your life in MOJA... reviews...
recommendations... stories... We want you to be able to share the love
of MOJA with each other and us. And most of all we want it all to be
EASY! That is the plan... and it is coming together! We have a
preliminary site up now and it has a lot of fun things! And it will
just continue to grow and expand...

So hang tight! Stay tuned... and get ready for MOJA RADIO!!!


BARCELONA: My last day at XM (well, sirius-xm I suppose you'd have
to say) was Friday, the 14th of November. The very next day I was on a
plane headed to one of the world's most beautiful cities, Barcelona,
Spain, to cover the 40th edition of one of the world's most
under-rated jazz festivals, the Festival Internacional Jazz Barcelona

In only one week I heard a terrific variety of music and talked to a
host of great artists including Cuban-born legend, pianist, composer,
and multi-award winner Chucho Valdes, the 5 all-star players under the
name of Five Peace Band. Of course I'm talking about Chick Corea, John
McLaughlin, Christian McBride, Kenny Garrett and drummer Vinnie
Colaiuta, and there were many momre. Check out the official website
for the fest <> for details and
catch a flight for the 41st edition next Autumn, and read the full
review about it HERE <> right now.

Well I am sure you all know how much I love the new
funk/jazz that is happenin' with such creativity and enthusiasm right
now. With Jammin' Jazz I introduced you to many of those artists on
the scene but right as the last weeks of the channel were passing my
favorite guitarist released a brand new CD on Palmetto Records. Will
Bernard's Blue Plate Special featuring Mr John Medeski, Mr Andy Hess
and Mr Stanton Moore! Don't get much better than that! You can listen
to some tunes here <> and check out
his website here!


Below are some great dates for live music, so if any of these are
near you I suggest you hit them up! Guaranteed great time!


Will Bernard Band
December 12, 2008
The Blue Note, NY
Blue Note
131 W. 3rd St
New York, NY 10012

December 31, 2008
City Limits, Delray Beach FL <>

January 2, 2009
Mojo Kitchen, Jacksonville, FL <>

MMW, Bonerama, Galactic, Karl Denson, Garage A Trois, Lettuce and
many more...
January 4-9, 2009
JamCruise, Ft Lauderdale FL

Jam Cruise 7 &bull; Jan 4-9 2009 &bull; Ft Lauderdale, USA &bull; Belize City, Belize &bull; Costa Maya, Mexico &bull; Jam Cruise 7

Marcus Miller, Herbie Hancock, Roy Hargrove etc
January 25- Feb 2, 2009
Playboy Jazz Cruise, Ft Lauderdale FL

Playboy Jazz Cruise | | 7-Day Caribbean Cruise with Top Jazz Musicians - Marcus Miller, Herbie Hancock & Many More Jazz Artists


One of the themes that keep coming back in the emails we've received
recently is the fact that you were turned on to so much great music
while listening to Beyond Jazz on XM. We understand that in your busy
lives there's not much chance to listen to everything that's coming
out so you've relied on us to do the listening and screening for you.
We will continue to do just that in the future and as we prepare for
the launch of MOJA RADIO! <>

We thought we'd run down some of the things we've been listening to
recently and in most cases would have been added to the Beyond Jazz
playlist had we'd been allowed to continue beyond November 12th. You
can also visit the website and learn more about Russ' latest picks by
The Matthew Herbert Big Band, Electric Big B and from Barcelona,
player and composer Llibert Fortuny who attended The Berklee College
of Music in Boston then returned to his hometown to create some of the
finest mod big band Russ has ever heard.

Before we were so rudely interrupted, we were enjoying some terrific
new stuff on Beyond Jazz from Billy Cobham
<>(the import "Fruit From The Loom"), New
York Electric Piano <> ("King
Mystery"), Grammy-nominee Will Bernard <> ("Blue
Plate Special"), Amina Figarova <>
("Above The Clouds"), guitarist Jimmy Herring
<> with help from Derek Trucks, Greg Osby
and Oteil Burbridge ("Lifeboat") and a bunch more! Well, before the
plug was pulled we had been listening to a few things that would have
been added and here's a list for you.

Jacqui Naylor <>'s
<> new one "You Don't Know Jacq"

Nashville-based vocalist Christina Watson
<>gets jazzy on "A Flower Truly Blue."

Roseanna Vitro <> sings it funky and
keyboardist Kenny Werner leads a great big band featuring Randy
Brecker, James Carter, John Patitucci and others on "Delirium Blues
Project: Serve Or Suffer."

Then there's the newest from The Bad Plus
<>, adding the unique voice of Wendy Lewis
to throw the jazz world another curve ball with "For All I Care."

As for the instrumental side of new things, French gypsy guitar
legend Bireli Lagrene <> revisits some of this
greatest compositions and adds a few new ones too with his new one
titled "Electric Side."

Drummer Ken Serio invited some friends including legendary bassist
Mark Egan <>, to sit in for a live set in the
famous club Trumpets in Montclair, NJ on "Live&hellip;In The Moment."

Then, there are a couple of CD's featuring organist Tony Monaco
<>. One is his solo work titled "Live At The
Orbit Room," recorded with his trio in the famous Toronto club. Then
you'll hear Tony again producing and playing with Mid-West guitar
legend Don Hales on a groovy new thing titled "Unified String Theory."

For the future look for new music from Joe Zawinul
<> as his last tour with The Joe Zawinul
Syndicate was recorded and will be out in early 2009 as the double
live CD titled "75," which of course was Joe's age at the time of his

It seems thoughts of Joe are in the air as in February of 2009
pianist Michael Wolff will release a wonderful CD inspired by Mr. Z
titled "Joe's Strut." It's mostly in the swinging vein of his last
recording with this trio "Jazz, Jazz, Jazz," but the title cut is pure
groove with a tip of the hat to Zawinul.

Plus we hear that our ol' buddy T. Lavitz <>
is planning a tribute to Joe Zawinul too and that should be fine,
fine, fine!


<> is the only
fulltime jazz program heard on the U.S. Government service The Voice
of America. I have been programming and presenting the show since
1999. The show is two hours long and reaches a potential audience of
94 million listeners worldwide each weekend. It is heard not only on
FM radio stations around the world via the VOA entertainment service
MusicMix, but also online and on the worldwide VOA service via
shortwave transmission. The program is not like what you've been
hearing on Beyond Jazz or like what you'll hear on MOJA Radio, as I
blend classic and modern in what I call "the best of jazz, past and
present." To learn more about it and find out how to hear it go to
MOJA RADIO <> for all the 411 on JAZZ AMERICA.


Yeah, we know you would like to have MOJA Radio right now and we'd
love to be doing it for you right away. We're working on it every day
and believe me, we're as impatient as you to see it become a reality.
There are many technical and financial issues to address and we'll
pretty much leave it at that for the time being. We have some dreams
about doing it EXACTLY as we'd like and if we don't have to compromise
too much we'll get there soon. You may not know it but when we
launched XM it took us many months to put all the pieces together
before launch. We've got most of the programming elements in place and
hopefully all the work we've done in the past will help us streamline
the process but please be patient, Rome wasn't built in a day. We'll
get there and with your support it will be all you want it to
be&hellip;and more. We've got some great plans for all the special
programming features you've come to enjoy on Beyond Jazz and a few new
ones we didn't have time to give you before the plug was pulled. So
hang in there with us and keep the faith&hellip;we're on our way!

Let us know what you think about MOJA RADIO! We'd love to hear from
Email us. <mailto:, the moja radio newsletter>
Visit the MOJA RADIO Website

Check us out on MySpace! - Michelle XM - 100 - Female - Pink Mini Mall Hell, Florida -

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