Firmware Upgrades... The good and the Bad...


Oct 11, 2008
Herndon, VA
I'm moving the conversation over here from the SBS... I figure if someone wants an answer they might as well come here where there are more people who will read them and respond...

This question was from the Sirius S50 forum in the discussions of the firmware upgrade. Anyone Sending S50 to Sirius for Firmware Upgrade - Page 3 - SIRIUS Backstage Forum

joester said:
Mike -
I hope you follow this just enough for me to clarify my qustion -
If I do the latest update, are my saved songs SAFE? Not to mail it in, but to do my own firmware update, are my saved songs safe from being lost?

Normally when you upgrade the firmware you don't lose songs or content. The fact is that the S50 latest firmware did not upgrade on a lot of units and Sirius had/has a mail in program where you send in your radio and instead of upgrading you received a reconditioned unit and you lost all your old content.

What you do lose sometimes is functionality... Many of the S50 upgrades took some functionality away from the radio such as FM modulator power and range of stations that you could use on your FM radio. They also took away the ability to save what was already in the record buffer if you wanted to save some content.

But if all goes well and you can do an firmware upgrade with your S50, you won't lose your content.
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Oct 14, 2008
Also I found that if you have 87.9 SAVED as one of your FM stations then you won't lose it. It will be gone from the available stations but not from your saved stations.