Fantasy Fatball 2017


arrogant bastard
Feb 13, 2009
Well after the successful 2015 edition, we've all had a year to fatten-up, so we can start over again. And while I'm not morbidly obese at just over 200 lbs, I have Jewish genetics working against me; so to survive, I either have to lose weight, or take an ever increasing number of medications.

Therefore, I have to lose weight, and I invite any of you to join along. Hectic said he's in. Here are the links from past years.
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Fantasy Fatball 2013 | Digital Radio Central
Fantasy Fatball 2014 | Digital Radio Central
Fantasy Fatball 2015 | Digital Radio Central

Once everybody decides if they're in, we can designate a chart keeper. If someone has the charts already, that'd be good; otherwise, I can make one.

If you want to participate, then speak-up now.


Top Brass, ADVP
Oct 11, 2008
Lake Huntzing
Yeah, I will sit this one out. I don't think I can lose any more weight without it negatively impacting my dick.