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    I'm not saying that you or anyone else is wrong, and for that matter a few years ago a bunch of Canadians were attending the race down there and an hour after the race they were trying to get out of the "back 40" where we were parking at and as anyone knows when you go to Bristol if you want out you may as well wait at least 2-3 hours after the race, our group informed them of this, they parked their car by our truck and we had a grand ole time with our new friends,watched the transporters leave the track and all that jive, but I was just saying I see more of NOT this: "I wear my Oilers flag as a cape and usually my Canadian flag as a cape when im in Phoenix and the reception is usually quite good. Of course the Oilers are a generally popular team everywhere but especially in Phoenix with the Gretzky connection. Ive only had 1 or 2 people say something stupid like, "get out of our country" or something, but overall i havent had too many problems. And I dont do this as a shun to Americans or Nascar fans, I do it beucase its an incredible networking tool with people at the track, and you cant imagine how many cool people ive met (including crew members) because of it." in the old south than I do anywhere else I have been to. Thats all, not trying to say anyhting bad or what not.

    Just saying that some of the most nicest people and the some of the nastiest people I have ever met in all my travels have been from south of 1-70 and east of the Mississippi
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    Talladega's my home track so Im always gonna defend my family, but Ill be the first to admit there are a lot of fans that are an embarassment to the south. The first time they thru crap on the track, we happened to be sitting in the cheap seats for the first time. I will NEVER do that again. You could feel in the air that something bad was about to happen. I told my wife if they end this under caution, get the hell outta here! And we did. That was deplorable, but it sucks to spend all that time and money to watch them cruise by under caution for the win. BUT THAT IS NO EXCUSE FOR WHAT THEY DID! And it WAS not only Jr fans, I saw it all on the way out!:Smiley_wink:
    As for you outsiders:smug:, I love meeting yall! Come by and check us out.
  3. I think whatever sports team, nascar driver, pro golfer, whatever you should look all around you before spewing your mouth off, trust me if there is a child around, that is an impression that is stuck in their minds forever. I recall as a kid going to Ranger games with my family and the worst crap came out of peoples mouths and it made me hate them, and their fans, and everything New York Rangers.
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    Its sad, but thats why my girls will never go until their old enough to understand that some people are just idiots!
  5. When I have kids, they are not going untill they are old enough to vote (kidding), no they are not going untill they understand fans and the world is filled with alot of hate. I will not let them see someone else be so rude and obnoxious and ruin the image we paid money for them to see

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